what i’m collecting: a herd of antlers


Although I read on Domino’s blog that antlers were OVER, but I’m still a fan of these alpine-inspired critters and am not about to cast aside the ones I’ve collected. In fact, two of my favorite pressies this holiday season were dear deer: these Adorable steel stag salt-n-pepper shakers from welldressedhome.com and this delicate Alabaster Deer Head by John Derain (not online, you have to call the store, 212.677.3917). Just in case you weren’t as lucky as me to receive antler-sporting gifts, here is a round up some others in stores now. Over-schmover! — Angela M.

At moderndose.com: Graphic Deer Prints, marked down from $157 to $97

At greenergrassdesign.com: Thorsten Van Elten Antler coat hanger, $85

At mattermatters.com: Gold-plated Wall Mounted Stag, $85

At elswares.com: Embroidered Headlights pillow case, $62 for a pair

At roseandradish.com: Sesame Letterpress Buck coaster set, $13.50 for six

Photos by Chad Hunt

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I love this little collection of goodies.

I like the little collection! I like your blog too…I check it out often. It’s great!

I think antlers are still cool :)


Who cares what “domino” says, they are not design messiahs…..As an interior designer I believe good “design is good design” [it should reflect who you are as a person] and btw I think you have great taste…love the antlers ;-)

Great post about one of my favorite trends – you bring up an interesting point about why kill a good thing that everyone is enjoying?

I am making a prophetic announcement (is that even a word?):

FISH are the new DEER! I just got a vintage stuffed bass for my bedroom wall… and have plans for some sunfish soon.

(my wife just said…no, it’s going to be owls….or…um rabbits… or…)

What do you think of that?

ps – deer will always be cool

Angela M.

Matt! I love your suggestion. Send in a photo! [email protected]

(I think owls and squirrels are peaking right now with deer. Lets declare fish for for spring!)

Domino can bite me. (Especially if that bite comes with some kind of contest win that includes advertiser gift certificates.)

Anyway. Um. I still like deer. I’ve never really been into the faux-trophy thing, honestly, but I love little saccharine cartoony deer statues from Back in the Day. The wider-eyed and more lash-batting, the better.

Domino can’t kill the deer trend until we give them a license. ;)

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Here’s my bass. I can’t say my bad photo skills do it justice. I am not crazy about the vintage wood it’s mounted on.

oh…i hope deer never die!

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