shop-n-surf: kitchen cupboard knobs


Feeling the need to do a bit of redecorating, I was looking for a something I could change in my apartment without breaking the bank. For a seriously budget-minded kitchen makeover, I turned to my cabinets, the knobs to be exact. With a total of 14 knobs to replace (I have a lot of kitchen cabinets and drawers!) I needed to find something that would add character without being over the top. I went searching the big old world wide web and here’s what I’ve found.

Restoration Hardware had these classy glass knobs with at 30’s era flare. I think the depression green will really pop against my white cabinets.

Another knob with a 30’s feel were these natural bone and horn ones from Anthropologie. I was just about sold on these until I saw their Zinnia knob series in raspberry. I think the red knob contrasted with the turquoise wall in my kitchen would be simply divine.

Trying hard to stay within my budget, I decided to check out the ever-practical Home Depot. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but after perusing the pages (and pages and pages…) I stumbled upon and fell in love with these mod looking black and white knobs from the Liberty Designer Series.

A lover of vintage wares, I next went to Ebay. After typing in cabinet knobs in the search window and getting over 3,000 matches, I realized I would need some help. So my lovely Shelterrific friends, here’s where you come in. Please send me your opinions, your suggestions, and notes of your decorating expertise, so that I may narrow my search and give my cabinets what they really want… new knobs! — Erica P.

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