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Feeling the need to do a bit of redecorating, I was looking for a something I could change in my apartment without breaking the bank. For a seriously budget-minded kitchen makeover, I turned to my cabinets, the knobs to be exact. With a total of 14 knobs to replace (I have a lot of kitchen cabinets and drawers!) I needed to find something that would add character without being over the top. I went seplaceing the big old world wide web and here’s what I’ve found.

Restoration Hardware had these classy glass knobs with at 30’s era flare. I think the depression green will really pop against my white cabinets.

Another knob with a 30’s feel were these natural bone and horn ones from Anthropologie. I was just about sold on these until I saw their Zinnia knob series in raspberry. I think the red knob contrasted with the turquoise wall in my kitchen would be simply divine.

Trying hard to stay within my budget, I decided to check out the ever-practical Home Depot. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but after perusing the pages (and pages and pages…) I stumbled upon and fell in love with these mod looking black and white knobs from the Liberty Designer Series.

A lover of vintage wares, I next went to Ebay. After typing in cabinet knobs in the seplace window and getting over 3,000 matches, I realized I would need some help. So my lovely Shelterrific friends, here’s where you come in. Please send me your opinions, your suggestions, and notes of your decorating expertise, so that I may narrow my seplace and give my cabinets what they really want… new knobs! — Erica P.

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I’m a pink girl, so of course my favorite is the the Anthropologie Zinnia’s. :)

Trust me on this. The selection is great, the prices even better.
Sign up for the catalog. I pour over it by the hour.

I don’t know if it would help you or not to know that, in my old house, we never replaced the kitchen cabinet hardware because we realized that we would have to replace something like 37 knobs and pulls. =/

The knobs from Restoration Hardware are such a common, classic design that you should be able to find something really similar elsewhere for less.

The Home Depot link isn’t working for me. I like that silver scalloped knob, though, if it’s the one you mean? That doesn’t mean it’s the right one for your kitchen – only you can decide that.

I’m not in love with either of the Anthropologie knobs. I think I prefer horn and bone of the two, but again, maybe or maybe not for your kitchen?

I have to admit to having something of an obsession with cabinet knobs. If you are going to handle something everyday isn’t it so much nicer if the object in question gives you a bit of a thrill everytime? Choosing cabinet knobs that really reflect you own special style is never going to break the bank in the same way a new kitchen or bathroom could….but what pleasure they can bring. So hooked am I on the perfect cabinet knob for any project that two years ago I started my own decorative hardware (that’s posh for knobs, pulls and handles) company. We are called PAPILIO- and we stock gorgeous knobs in 100s of different colours and glazes made from ceramic, seahell, recycled bottle glass, and onyx stone. We are in the UK but have wonderful suppliers in the US and ship all over the world.
One word of warning on the little red knob you show – take care to make sure the metal centre is actually a solid cast metal piece and not a thin tin piece. These can get really sharp and will scratch you and snag clothing in time. Happy Knob Hunting!

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Try this company run by a friend of mine, Leilani Norman-Young which has cool knobs.