notes from the nursery: blabla birdie mobile

Happy Day! Megan’s back after a few months of getting to know her new baby. She’ll be sharing her new-mom learnings with us. Welcome back!

Indeed, I’m living in baby babble land these days. My four-month-old and I entertain ourselves by taking “tours” of the house, making faces at each other in the mirror, and partaking in other very serious intellectual pursuits. Let me tell you how grateful I am for the few purchases that can keep my little girl occupied for more than a few minutes (ah, shower!). Now when those purchases also happen to be adorable, they get major points. This crafty-chic knit birdie mobile from Blabla has been one of my greatest investments. I just spin it and my chickadee is mesmerized (I have to keep twirling it every five, but believe me, that five goes a long way). I’ve also spotted Blabla’s vibrant kid coin purses and sweaters at gifts stores around the Twin Cities, but there’s so much more on their website — the veggie rattle set would be the cutest gift for someone’s soon-to-be. Shelterrific readers, give me some “blabla” on your baby obsessions. -– Megan K.

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megan k.

Go right ahead! –Megan

congratulations on your baby + welcome back!
i love baby stuff + babies!!!
so i look forward to your posts.
showering is a rare new mom pleasure :)
i just posted about the first mp3 infant toys.
you don’t have to wind them every five minutes + you can upload your music choices.

So adorable. I LOVE they have really wonderful baby items.

megan k.

Cupcake boutique is fabulous! Thanks for the tip.


A friend gave my daughter (then about 2 months old) the Muffin doll from the Burger Bunch collection by Friends with You, and it prompted her first laugh ever. Now 9 months old, she still thinks it’s funny!

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Rosy Huff

Do you have a CUPCAKE mobile for a baby crib?