help! i’m looking for cheap, hip valentine’s cards

I usually send Valentine’s Day cards in lieu of Christmas cards – I can never get my act together in time. I’d like to find something cute and hip (and cheap! No more than $1/card…) this year instead of relying on the Hallmark standards. Any ideas? Thanks! :), Laura


Hi Laura! Thanks for your email. We went to some of our favorite, amazingly hip stationery sites first. We were able to find lots of fun ideas, but none of them were as low priced as you hoped. You see, small companies make the most orginal cards, but because they are so tiny, their production costs (and thus prices) are high. Some that will have you tempted: These You Melt Me cards from Luxe Paperie, marked down from $2.95 each to $1.49 each. This You’re my carrot card from Broadway Paper, $3.50, would be perfect for that special valentine. These heart-shaped notes are more in your price range, $15 for 20, but they don’t come with envelopes. This You and Me card from Good on Paper is perhaps our favorite, $16 for 6. Its mod chairs remind us grade school when exchanging valentines was a big event.


Although we weren’t able to uncover any hip, cute AND cheap cards for you, we do have another idea. Why not make your own! Pick up a rubber stamp, like these from Paper Source, for about $5. Buy yourself some lovely paper, or maybe some onsale Xmas card envelopes, and d.i.y. it!

Does anyone else know an inexpensive valentine card source for Laura? Please let us know!

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Rar Rar Press has great ones but their website isn’t running!


OOoo! Look what I found…,643.htm

These will be perfect with some stamps AND will be just right to hold my annual mix-CD. Hurrah! You guys have done it again. :), Laura


Redbook has some really cute ones in their February issue. See page 70.

You can try these too! They are not “cards”…. but I have sent them with envelopes. The way to man’s heart is BEER, ya know.

ME Home Comanion has a whole bevy of modern cards featured in the February-March issue (“Noteworthy”). They most likely wouldn’t be in the $1 range, though…

Etsy has some great designers who don’t sell their goods for designer prices!


These aren’t technically Valentine’s cards, but I think some of them could work rather well. And at 12 for $20, well, at least they’re less than $2.
I think design #37131 could be a particularly good choice, if one has a sense of humor about such things…..and Miss Laura strikes me as one who might. ;)

I sell two card sets on my little shop (one of which was in the previously mentioned ME Home Companion roundup). They’re $12/6 but the shipping is included–not quite a buck a piece, but close.

I just bought that ‘love muffin’ stamp!


these might be smaller than what you were looking for, but they come out to 50 cents each. i love archie mcphees

thanks for posting my You and Me cards. You’re so sweet. And I’ve got to start making some of your recipes! I also have one called You + Me Bench.