is it wrong to love a teen catalog?


Every now and then we take a moment to gush over a catalog (like Flor and Brocade Home) but last week we found ourselves digging the newest one from Pottery Barn Teen. Now, grown-up PB barely moves us. We’re just not fans of its oversized couches, heavy woods and neutral tones. But PBTeen is another matter entirely! It’s bright, curvy, brazenly girly and yes, downright chic. Unfortunately, the prices are not cheap, so it’s not like you’re saving money buying kids stuff. But still, we like it! Among our picks: Monogrammed Reese chair, $300 + $199 for the slipcover. Rose Vine sheet set, $79 and all of their chandeliers, like this one, the Bijoux, $129.

What do you think? Would you buy yourself something from a catalog meant for teens?

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i love it too!


I can never get enough bright colors and I’m a cheapsk — er, thrifty girl… I have no problems with ordering from kid/teen catalogs!

I have bought things from PB Teen. Cute stuff that isn’t too “young”. Frankly I can’t imagine a teenager having the $$ to get any of this stuff!

I love that monogrammed chair!

I have ordered from PB Teen and love it! A few years ago my husband and I ordered a fantastic shag rug from them on sale…it was still expensive, but a very nice quality wool rug. Pale blue with just the right sprinkling of white yarn strands. It’s still holding up great! You can sort-of see it here:

I haven’t bought anything lately, but I got a duvet cover and shams on clearance from them about three years ago, in a pattern called Kaleidoscope. Very girly, designery, retro-pop flowers (many made from small dots) on white. Doesn’t look like a kaleidoscope, but is very cute.

NB the fabric isn’t 300+-thread cotton sateen – I think it’s around 200-220 thread cotton percale. A little rough compared to the rest of what’s on my bed, but OK. Has interior ties to hold the comforter in place. Not the nicest fabric, but better quality in design terms than a much more expensive Grand Patrician cover that I have (which is extremely low quality, NOT recommended).

Sevilla Granger

So glad you all like our stuff!! I’m on the PB Teen Product Development team, and we’ve been working very hard for the last year and a half to greatly improve the quality of our products. Because we design a year in advance of the catalog mailing, the our improvements are just now showing up. It’s nice to know that others can see it!

What started out as a company brand experiment has turned into “the little division that could”. I hope you enjoy our fun home fashions as much as we enjoy making them!

Stay tuned – Fall 2007 will knock your socks off!! :-)

YES! I absolutely love the chair and slipcover. Would it be weird to put that on a wedding registry? Sevilla — if you register at PB, does that include PB Teen, too? Fingers crossed :)


i have, and will again!

I have always liked this catalog. I wish they could bring some of the whimsy to their normal catalog/shop.

Never fear, PB Teen is the s**t! I bought a set of 200 thread count sheets, a throw pillow and shams from there a couple of years ago and I still love them. Even better, they know how to have a great sale. Check out the clearance items, the prices are more than agreeable.