not-your-average chocolate bits

For not-your-average Valentines

There’s plethora of Valentine’s Day chocolate roundups floating around the media world, so we wanted to offer you a little twist on this tradition. Here’s a collection of uniquely shaped morsels, sure to warm up that special love or a cheer up a dear friend.


For the Fashionista: High heel shoes, $36 from Gayle’s Chocolates

For the Beckham fan: Football jersey and shoe, $11 from Thornton’s UK

For the Hopeful: Frog Prince chocolates, $50 from Red Envelope


For the Jilted: Chocolate voodoo doll, $8 from Wishing Fish

For the Decorator: Mounted deer head, $15 from the Chocoloate Vault

For the Kid-at-Heart: Penguins, $32 from Burdick Chocolates

For the Peace-maker: Buddha, $30 from Chocolate Deities

And for those wanting to heat things up, you may want to consider these bits from Chocolate Fantasies! Oh my!

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