not-your-average chocolate bits

For not-your-average Valentines

There’s plethora of Valentine’s Day chocolate roundups floating around the media world, so we wanted to offer you a little twist on this tradition. Here’s a collection of uniquely shaped morsels, sure to warm up that special love or a cheer up a dear friend.


For the Fashionista: High heel shoes, $36 from Gayle’s Chocolates

For the Beckham fan: Football jersey and shoe, $11 from Thornton’s UK

For the Hopeful: Frog Prince chocolates, $50 from Red Envelope


For the Jilted: Chocolate voodoo doll, $8 from Wishing Fish

For the Decorator: Mounted deer head, $15 from the Chocoloate Vault

For the Kid-at-Heart: Penguins, $32 from Burdick Chocolates

For the Peace-maker: Buddha, $30 from Chocolate Deities

And for those wanting to heat things up, you may want to consider these bits from Chocolate Fantasies! Oh my!

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Thanks for reminding me about the Chocolate Voodoo Doll. My friend just broke up with her boyfriend so it’ll be perfect.
And it gave me the excuse to finally get an Atomic Bonsai for my desk!


I will be in SoHo in a few weeks and would love to know if there’s a yummy cupcake shop around that you can suggest… Do you know of anything pretty and delish?

Oh, and if you’re looking for amazing Chocolate, I have some New Hampshire favorites for you. I *love* LA Burdick and Swan. LA Burdick have these ADORABLE chocolate mice. They sound wierd, but you have to look at how they are boxed and how adorable they are online. Their hot chocolate is amazing, it was actually a #1 favorite on the Today Show last year (I think it was last year). I highly suggest both Swan and LA Burdick. Burdick’s has a cafe in Harvard Square and a store/restaurant in New Hampshire. Get this, the restaurant serves only items with cocoa as an ingrediant. Not just dessert, but dinner, too! It’s amazing how versatile cocoa is.

Here are the mice:'s%20Day
(they have penquins, too)

LA Burdick:


BTW – Love that Antler chocolate – SO cute.


Oh, I nearly forgot. This made NH News a few years ago. If it’s good enough for George W., well….