new gizmo turns your tv into art


When your favorite reality TV show lets you down, and there’s not another episode of 24 on for days, don’t sit by merely channel surfing. Turn your TV into art. Or at least, that’s the thinking behind the new product
TV2ART. They’ve developed something called The Lightascope which creates a diffused array of colored light patterns based on the images being broadcast on your screen. Basically it’s a thin layer of plastic that you adhere in front of your set. If you click over to their site, you can virtually experience the technique, choosing between six different patterns to overlay on a screen. It would be great to use during a party but definitely more pricey ($135-$199) than our standby, a firelog DVD.

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I totally Tivo’d “Yule Log” this past Xmas, but it loses its charm after around the 26th of December. Then regains it about 350 days later.

There are DIY ways of doing something like this (the mosaic color show on the screen), but they all involve about a million leftover toilet paper tubes. There are also a few “color show” DVDs.