what did you think of last night’s top design?


After a somewhat slow start last week, Bravo’s Top Design rolled out episode number two last night. The challenge was to design a room for a ten-year old — only the contestants didn’t find that out until AFTER they went shopping that their clients were kids. Again, they kept them inside the Pacific Design Center (yawn) and gave them a budget of $5k (better than last week’s). John was sent home a loser for making a room that was unfinished (even though Michael’s was worse) and Eric won for making a pirate’s playhouse.

(BTW, Goil’s room was my favorite again, thus he gets a photo.)

I have to say, this episode wowed me even less than number one. I mean, I gave up the new episode of Lost to watch this (okay, I DVR’d it) and in the end was left feeling unsatisfied. What is it? This is my favorite subject — I should be salivating over every minute of this show. I think it’s the timing. The creation of the rooms goes by too fast without enough tension on the decision making or manual labor. Then a half an hour is spent on the judging which is just kinda dreary. The judges need to have more fun; Jonathan is the only one with humor and when he says something funny (“Mayor of Excusesville”) it’s like they’re afraid to laugh! Perhaps they are taking themselves too seriously? If it doesn’t shape up soon, I may not be able to commit to this on a weekly basis. Maybe I should just DVR the series and watch it all on one rainy Sunday afternoon? Am I alone in this opinion? Tell me what you think of the show! — Angela M.

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I hate to say it, but I too felt very unsatisfied. All of the judges come across as totally stuck up and uptight. I was excited to see Liz Lange as the guest judge, but they hardly featured her or her comments. Out of John and Michael I was hoping to see Michael go last night so we wouldn’t have to listen to him complain about doing manual labor anymore. I don’t think I am staying up till 11 PM next week to watch it. I will tape it. :)


Kelly’s fingerless gloves were hideous! I really couldn’t believe it.

I love Goil’s rooms as well. Clean and sleek but still fun.


First, they need to take Todd off of whatever sedative they have him on — I’ve watched his TV for years (anyone else remember when he did a trash-to-treasure thing on MTV?) and he has never been so bland.

Second, I think there are too many contestants. The producers SEEM to want to set up some interpersonal dramas (see below) but there are so many faces that it is hard to develop much interest in any of them (except for Goil – love).

Third, it feels like there is a lot less focus on the design process than in the ‘game’ aspect of the show. Maybe that will change as the field narrows down and they can focus more time on each designer’s response to the challenge. I hate to say it, but even ho-hum “Design on a Dime” offers more satisfaction if one is interested in the concept-to-creation drama!

Finally, I agree that J Adler is one of the few joys of this show so far! This guy is just so talented! I’d love to find myself sitting next to him at a dinner party or a really boring wedding.

Oh well. I will probably keep watching, but I really think Bravo and all that talent could do a lot better.

And please, the pirate’s room? So predictable. Best of luck to the parents when next year the kid decides pirates are for babies and doesn’t want to think “shiver me timbers” everytime he climbs into his boat – er, bed.


Agreed, Unsatisfaction City. I loved Goil’s and Matt’s rooms, and though the Judges liked Carisa’s, I thought it was a bit too feminine for a little boy.
As pretty as she is, Kelly could be more vocal, and even Jonathan is falling short on the entertainment factor. This is no replacement for Top Chef, and makes me yearn for my coveted blog postings on here as opposed to wasting my time with the show.

I have to say, I do like the show. Adler is awesome with his creative honesty and some of the rooms have been very cool and unique. I personally, don’t have much creativity in me so I do like to watch and see what some of these folks come up with as far as the rooms go. Yea, the acting is not that great but it’s all about design right?

I just can’t get over listening to Todd Oldham – he sounds like he should be hosting an episode of “Blue’s Clues” Every time he starts droning on in that odd sing-songy voice of his, I keep expecting him to instruct the “Top Design” contestant to take out their handy-dandy notebooks…

(I do, however, love Goil!)

My TV has been in the shop since this started airing, so I haven’t seen it yet! =/ I guess the jury is out as to whether or not I’m missing much. I do like Goil’s room as pictured above – white with bright splashes is one of my favorite interior color schemes.

Saw Adler’s mass-market home stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond this weekend… it’s cute. I think the napkins would be really nice made into a summer tote bag. I don’t like the 70s revival he’s spearheading in general (the woven wicker prints!), but I do like his ceramics.


I hate the “you can stay” and then the clip clop clip clop of the shoes as the designers walk to the other side of the room! Do we really have to “hear” the walk? I miss Heidi and the stage and the darkened room during decision time. And how about telling the designers, “you have 1,000 dollars, here’s the names of local thrift shops, knock yourselves out!” I’m sick of that store they always go to as well, boring! Hope the show improves.

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