real life test kitchen: man-catcher brownies


If you haven’t gotten a Valentine’s Day gift for your object affection yet, clear your schedule this evening for an hour or so and get in the kitchen! I spotted this recipe for “Man-Catcher” brownies last week at the Washington Post online, and just had to give them a try. I can confirm that only do they please the Hunt(ed) man, but also corporate co-workers who gobbled them up yesterday in the office. The secrets to making sure the brownies turn out chewy, moist and densely rich: Don’t over-stir the batter, and pull them out of the oven slightly undercooked. (Though I’m sure that three sticks of butter in the batter doesn’t hurt!) Click here to see the full recipe. Do you have a favorite brownie recipe? Let me know! — Angela M.

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In my house “man-catcher brownies” is quite redundant. But I see your point :)

I went and looked at the recipe, fully intending to make some for the favourite man, but baulked at 4 cups of sugar. I like a man with teeth!

My favorite brownie recipe is the Baker’s one bowl brownie recipe.

Tasty and super-simple!

that is the CUTEST name…


happy v- day honey

They look so yummy – Im going to make them tonight!!! Thanks for the link and inspiration!


Even better than brownies was/is the chocolate cake I made for V.D., from a Nigella Lawson recipe (you can find it on the Food Network site). Man-o-man is it great!

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