what’s your favorite movie home decor?


In honor of the biggest TV-event of the year, the Academy Awards on Sunday night, we want to take a moment to ponder the merging of our two favorite subjects: decor and the movies! Sometimes our love of interior design can even get in the way of enjoying a film (remember those pillows in the Lake House?) but more often than not, we’re just inspired. Take for example, the house where Curtis (Jamie Fox) and Deena (Beyonce) live in near the end of the Dreamgirls. Who could be angry when you’re dining at a gorgeous Lucite table? We’d probably feel more comfy at the wood-paneled home seen in Little Miss Sunshine. So what about you? What’s your favorite movie home? You know, the house you’ve seen on the big screen that you wish was yours, or that at least could be yours for a night or two?

Angela M. says:
Where do I begin?! I remember that Apartment Therapy Los Angeles did a list of their top ten decor inspiration films a while ago, and a few on their list (Contempt, Clockwork Orange, Far From Heaven) are indisputably influential. But my all time favorite has to be the amazing Dakota classic six that Mia Farrow decorates in Rosemary’s Baby. This year, I loved all the homes in Friends with Money (especially the one that Frances McDormand’s character Jane lived in with her “gay” husband). I always love the LA homes in movies, like Laurel Canyon (more Frances McDormand!) and The Anniversary Party. There’s too many. I may have to weigh in again on this one.

Allison R. says:
No holds bar. Tony’s house in Santa Monica in Scarface. Say no to drugs!

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Beth J. says:
The crazy-modern house where James Bond fights it out in Diamonds are Forever. It’s in California and there’s a tremendous write-up on it that I found when Googling the designer, John Lautner. I don’t know that I’d want to live there, but a weekend might be nice….

And as a child, of course I loved the crazy inventions for furniture and appliances using twigs and other nature-based gizmos the Swiss Family Robinson came up with.

Arianne C. says:
I really liked the loft in Closer, where Julia Roberts and Clive Owen lived (and she cheated on him). It was just gorgeous, with an open upstairs balcony-style bedroom overlooking the lower level. The whole place was just open. Memorably gorgeous.

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uhmmm am I too late to join the party – my favorite Movie home is the home in the movie Practical Magic…sigh…


Well, I’d really love to live in Rivendell in “The Fellowship of the Ring” — the gardens, the library, the gorgeous carved bed Frodo slept in, the balconies and the view. But if you mean a realistic house, I just love the house of Meryl Streep’s character in the movie “It’s Complicated”. I have no idea why she would want to remodel it. It is perfect as it is.

I loved Ashton’s house in No Strings Attached, I love that LA midcentury vibe.

In It’s Complicated, they had to have a plotline to bring the architect in, right?