what’s your favorite movie home decor?


In honor of the biggest TV-event of the year, the Academy Awards on Sunday night, we want to take a moment to ponder the merging of our two favorite subjects: decor and the movies! Sometimes our love of interior design can even get in the way of enjoying a film (remember those pillows in the Lake House?) but more often than not, we’re just inspired. Take for example, the house where Curtis (Jamie Fox) and Deena (Beyonce) live in near the end of the Dreamgirls. Who could be angry when you’re dining at a gorgeous Lucite table? We’d probably feel more comfy at the wood-paneled home seen in Little Miss Sunshine. So what about you? What’s your favorite movie home? You know, the house you’ve seen on the big screen that you wish was yours, or that at least could be yours for a night or two?

Angela M. says:
Where do I begin?! I remember that Apartment Therapy Los Angeles did a list of their top ten decor inspiration films a while ago, and a few on their list (Contempt, Clockwork Orange, Far From Heaven) are indisputably influential. But my all time favorite has to be the amazing Dakota classic six that Mia Farrow decorates in Rosemary’s Baby. This year, I loved all the homes in Friends with Money (especially the one that Frances McDormand’s character Jane lived in with her “gay” husband). I always love the LA homes in movies, like Laurel Canyon (more Frances McDormand!) and The Anniversary Party. There’s too many. I may have to weigh in again on this one.

Allison R. says:
No holds bar. Tony’s house in Santa Monica in Scarface. Say no to drugs!

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Beth J. says:
The crazy-modern house where James Bond fights it out in Diamonds are Forever. It’s in California and there’s a tremendous write-up on it that I found when Googling the designer, John Lautner. I don’t know that I’d want to live there, but a weekend might be nice….

And as a child, of course I loved the crazy inventions for furniture and appliances using twigs and other nature-based gizmos the Swiss Family Robinson came up with.

Arianne C. says:
I really liked the loft in Closer, where Julia Roberts and Clive Owen lived (and she cheated on him). It was just gorgeous, with an open upstairs balcony-style bedroom overlooking the lower level. The whole place was just open. Memorably gorgeous.

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I’ve always liked the house in Practical Magic (Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman). The kitchen and then the room where the herbs and plants are growing? So gorgeous.

If somebody asked me to move into Bill’s house in Kill Bill 2, I would be very happy. Particularly with my circular sofa.


There was a movie last year called “Stranger Than Fiction” (which was not really ‘good’ overall, but exceeded my expectations when I was taken to see it at a friend’s request).

Anyway, the best thing about the movie is the sets. The spaces are each very visually representative of the characters.

In particular, there is an apartment in Chicago’s Marina City where the main character stays with a friend. The ‘resident’ is a geeky, nebish guy who wants to go to Space Camp, but instead of going over the top with it, they do this super cool Mid-Century Modern space-age type look. I would move in to it even if it was not in the iconic ‘corn cob’!

I love the home (inside and out) from “Something’s Gotta Give.” I do feel like it is too close to some of the fantastic desiger, Victoria Hagan’s work. But, I love the details–especially the painting of the swimmer over the mantle.

laura k

I know this is off topic to say the least.
I wanted to way in on a post that was months ago.
Angela, I bought a dyson and it’s been a failure because the attachments are too hard to use and it does clog.
Are you still happy with your mele?


really my favorite is the house in Mr and Mrs Smith…. i think its absolutely amazing on how they used dark lux colors and fabrics, very masculine and stylish. too bad they blew it up in the flim or id move in right away

Angela M.

Hi Laura… yes, I still love my Miele. In fact, just last weekend I changed its bag for only the second time, and was marveling at its design. It doesn’t clog, is very quiet and when you change the bag there is no dust flying around to make you sneeze.


Allison R

Tony’s house in Scarface is suppose to be in Miami but the reall house shown is actually in Santa Barbara..I know I could do alot with it!
I always wanted to live in Pittsburgh if I could live in Jennifer Beal’s industrial warehouse apt….in Flashdance. That always left me stunned.
And the one Pirata mentions is sweet.


The apartment in Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russel is SUPERB!

And Mr. Blandings Builds Hid Dreamhouse is quite good for those into decorating.

Down with Love has some great apartments as well. (and Ewan MacGregor!)

Several years ago, the New York times had an article deconstructing the kitchen in Father of the Bride (II?) which said that to make a kitchen like that, you’d have to spend $100,000.


I kinda always loved the Brady house…especially Mikes office when it was Greggs room…


Michael Caines’s house in ‘Children of Men.” I will buy the DVD just to plan my retirement home.


I too loved the apartments in Down with Love. I also loved the Petries’ house on the Dick van Dyke Show (yes, I know that’s the small screen).

Angela M.

Oh my, I loved Michael Caine’s house in Children of Men, too. He was an aging gen-xer. Just what I’ll be in 20 years or so!


The last couple movies I’ve seen have had great houses and decor. The Break Up, with the huge hall entry and kitchen, and great art and furniture.

I know that the house in You, Me and Dupree would have more than one bedroom, he didn’t have to sleep on the couch! Arts and Crafts style.

The Incredibles had a pretty cute mid century modern thing going on, too.

On TV, Six Feet Under had great interiors.

Ric A

The house that belongs to Michael Vartan’s character in the Robin Williams movie “One Hour Photo”. Minimal Earthy Gorgeousness!!!

Angela, I blogged about set decoration today and someone told me you’d blogged something similiar over here. How funny!

I loved the home in Mr and Mrs Smith, and really liked the set of Marie Antoniette. I was just watching that over the weekend, it’s dreamy. Domino did a great job on that film.

I have to link my post now to this one, it’s a great tie-in – I love the question you’ve asked!


Oh, and how could I forget – I actually loved Will’s apartment in About A Boy. I would live in that apartment, in that location, in a HEARTBEAT.


I loved Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia’s house in WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN and Cate Blanchett and Bill Nighy’s home in NOTES ON A SCANDAL.


Set design wise…it has to be the house in the Royal Tennenbaums. David Wasco floors me every time. Personally though, I love the apartments in Stranger Than Fiction….too cool. I want the lamp’s in Will Farrell’s aprtment.


the production design in the Stuart Little movie is really wonderful. The colors are great.

the house in the great flick, Sexy Beast with Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley. Not only a fabulous movie, but the bungalow in Spain is what has persuaded me to retire to that country, even though I have yet to visit there.

And I agree with the Anniversary Party – a beautiful Richard Neutra house.

Angela M.

I was going to mention that Sexy Beast house. It really is a character in the movie. That pool is amazing!


Loved the Upper West Side apartment in Hannah and Her Sisters. All the Woody movies have great interiors

Yr Mason

Any of the interiors in any of the Our Man Flint movies were superb examples of over the top mod…

Without a doubt, it’s the gorgeous interiors in one of the most underrated great movies ever, Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, a perfect demonstration that although money can’t buy happiness, it certainly allows one to suffer in style.

Not that I’d actually have wanted to live in the 18th Century, since I would have probably ended up a peasant living in a vermin-infested hovel like everybody else, but for comfort, you still can’t beat a down-filled Louis XVI bergere in front of the fireplace.

But in real life, I’d settle for the gracious but unpretentious country house in Howard’s End. That I could maybe pull off.


Alright – I don’t get to movies much. But I had such a hard time concentrating on the plot in Howards End because of the incredible English homes. apartments and gardens that I’m still not sure I know what the actual movie was about!

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the apartment building in Lucky # Slevin. It wasn’t in any way shape or form something I could live in, but I have to hand it to the designer for having the balls to use (and pull off) those crazy intense wallpapers.

So many awesome spaces mentioned… (:

Ok so this is a little off the wall, but in a weird way I am entranced with Peter Jackson’s hobbit hole in Lord of the Rings.
Bilbo Baggin’s, Bag End, the cob home…
I can’t really rationalise it, but the cozy, warm feel of the space just captivates me… it’s so itty bitty, enchantingly eco-cool, and being built right into the hillside, so snug and warm. I guess I find solace in the “back to the land” movement…

“It was a Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.”

… Oh and I agree with Angela M’s pick on the Flashback industrial loft. That hip-beyond-its-years space made the movie way way cool!

Allison R… sorry!
Where did I get Angela M?? Duh…

Oh, and I wanted to live in the Three’s Company condo complex. Just looked so cool.. especially the arched front door!

I cannot say that the interior itself is my favourate, buit I like the furniture used in “Down with Love” and “Men in Black” – they both use furniture by my favourate modern classics designer – Saarinen. The Womb in the 1st movie and the Tulip series in the 2nd one.


Practical Magic
Something’s Gotta Give (both homes, for Keaton’s character and Nicholson’s character)
You’ve Got Mail (either apartment is amazing)

For modern:
The Lake House
The Glass House
and Sleeping with the Enemy

I’ll admit, I sometimes watch films 2 or 3x just to glean the set decoration details, and in the case of Practical Magic there’s a website called amasveritas that has detailed photographs and drawings of the house (created just for the film, on an island in the San Juan Strait near Seattle, and completely dismantled afterward)

Aoife Roe

I loved the set design in an older British film “Shooting Fish” The movie is kind of crap, except for the fun of watching Kate Winslet before she was a Hollywood Glamazon. They live in an abandoned water tower and outfit their home with things that they have scammed/received for free.

I’m with you! I always get caught up in the decor. I posted some of my film favorites a while back. I know I left out a ton – like AMELIE, The Royal Tennenbaums, even Sharon Stone’s Marin home in Basic Instinct. What a dream job!

Royal Tennenbaums is my all-out fave too.

I was watching Fatal Attraction today (no idea why-a bit tough to watch when you are hungover) and Glenn Close’s loft is remarkable, esp. for the ’80s. There’s this gross dreary dirty staircase to get to it, but then you get inside and it’s all bright light and everything is white and there are neat window dividers throughout the space. And she always wears white in that movie.

Another favorite early loft – Jennifer Beals’ warehouse in Flashdance.

oops, forgot to put an “/i” in there after “Fatal Attraction!”

Diane Keaton’s Hamptons home in Something’s Gotta Give,classic and elegant.I have a friend getting married who wants to decorate everything in Hamptons style so i’m lending her the dvd.

Liam Neeson’s London home in Love Actually,lots of natural light,classic and modern.


“To Catch a Thief” Cary Grant’s French Rivera stone house is gorgeous.

Oh, yeah. And “Two Girls and A Guy” Robert Downey Jr.’s loft; this obscure film (also starring Heather Graham) is shot entirely in the apartment. I love the different levels.


anyone remember nicole kidman and tom cruise’s apartment in Eyes Wide Shut? I loved the paintings (done by Katharina Kubrick).


The psuedo Frank Lloyd Wright house in Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest!

i like something’s gotta give, you’ve got mail, and Meg Ryan’s home in Hanging Up. love the open cabinets in the kitchen and the huge hallways and the way the decorate for holidays! love it all!

Did anyone see Closer (asian film)? I loved the home those two sisters shared. Also, that hotel in Casino Royale was gorgeous, and I loved the apartment that Jason Bourne lived in – the first Bourne (Identity) where he had that minimalist space in that GORGEOUS Paris apartment. It wasn’t decorated at all really, but the bones of those rooms – wow – amazing apartment.

Oh and I loved loved loved the house Elecktra lived in – WOW.

This is a really FUN post!



Youve Got Mail for the now way-out-of-reach Upper West Side brownstone look I grew up with. Anyone read the House and Garden issue about movie interiors? I bought Auntie Mame because of it and it didn’t disappoint.

Angela M.

Such fun comments! Thank you all… Yes that House & Garden from January was great. They had some wonderful stills from films. I still have my copy — maybe I’ll scan a few to do a follow up!

I am way late here, but I saw this and coudn’t resist, what a great list! Without a doubt, I would pick the high design apartment that the assasin lived in Munich. Also the loft where Clive Owens & Julie Roberts lived in Closer. Plus that manor in the French country where Goldie Hawn almost gets married at the end of Private Benjamin.


I loved LOVED the interiors of “Melinda & Melinda” (woody allen). I think it’s his most recent film.

Joni Webb

Something’s Gotta Give – ok, I just rented the movie and stop it frame by frame and wrote down every detail in the room. Then I found a pix of the living room online and downloaded it as my wallpaper. I absolutely love that living room, dining room and bedroom. BUT, am I alone in that I don’t love the art. I’ve read where people just loved all the artwork. Not me. I don’t really like contemporary art in the home all that much. Sorry!!! I can’t wait to rent Holiday because of the interiors. Does anyone like those sets (2)?
p.s. I am an interior designer and I had a client who called me after she saw Somethings GG and said she wanted her house to look exactly like that house.

I kept forgetting to post on this when it was current, but I’ll add something a little late…

a lot of places I love were already mentioned: Amelie’s apartment, the apartments in Down With Love, the titular Lake House, Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole (the artiest, craftiest, ROUNDEST craftsman bungalow in existence), etc. That strange loft in Two Girls and A Guy.

Not mentioned, I think – did I miss it? – is the Italian estate that Ripley decorates with “more money than taste” in Ripley’s Game. It seems pretty tasteful to me. There’s a degree of elegant decay, and the weathering of years, but it’s still functional and even comfortable. It’s my ultimate Let’s Buy A Place In Italy fantasy.

But my ultimate Movie Digs are in the splendid Thai film Last Life in the Universe.

The sisters Nid and Noi live (well, until one of them dies early in the movie, and Kenji – a suicidal, ex-Yakuza librarian – latches onto the other) in an amazing house that’s supposed to be on the outskirts of Bangkok. It’s sort of a vaguely Asian or tropical take on mid-century modern, but not Chinese or Japanese in style. I can’t even really describe it, you just have to see it. It has warm wood and, IIRC, dark stone, a semi-open plan, wide hallways, and can be open to the elements to selected degrees. Supposedly the sisters are prostitutes, and that’s definitely true in the case of at least one of them, but the house is so gorgeous (albeit cluttered & neglected) and big that it’s hard to believe that they both need the money – it seems more like a rebellion issue on the part of the one sister. But it isn’t.

There’s even an extraordinary dreamy sequence where one of the characters walks through the house, which is a mess, and it “cleans itself” around her, to represent that another character has cleaned it behind her back. I love the film, but I have to admit that one major reason I keep watching it again and again is because it’s pure house porn for me, particularly that sequence. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in a movie.

Kenji’s apartment, obsessively clean, coldly modern, spacious, and full of carefully-stacked books, is also attractive, but it doesn’t have the warmth and ease of the house he basically gatecrashes.


What a great topic, my netflix queue just grew a bit. My list of movies with interior impact:

Gods and Monsters – oh the masculine hollywood
Bright Young Things – Lavish early 30s London set for Emily Mortimer’s pad.

and nods of agreement to the previously mentioned
Stranger than Fiction
Royal Tennenbaums
Shooting Fish – where the goal of 2 con men is to get a “stately home” their decoration of the inside of a water tower or something is amusing. Beckinsale not Winslet though.


AMELIE — I love the german painter Michael Sowa (who did the visual effects) and was thrilled to see lots of his paintings throughout her apartment. He also did the concept art for Wallace and Gromit in Curse of the Wererabbit.