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Here’s a quick roundup of the ususal suspects. Feel free to weigh in if you’ve come across any great blog features this week.


ModMom is having an iPod Shuffle contest with

We didn’t bother blogging about TopDesign the other night after it turned into a big over-sized vehicle commerical. If you’re missing the banter, log over to to weigh in on their thread.

Speaking of AT, in their universe expanded even more this week, with the launch of Home Tech, and are writing about another site we’ve always thought was genius, Woot, which features one great tech prod a day. Let that inner-geek surface!

Decor8’s provided a sneak peek into Jonathan Adler’s new West Village store, perfect for those who live far away, or even nearby but haven’t had a chance to go yet. Above, Adler’s ingenious ceramic tiles that you’ll find near — what else — the cashier.

Another store we won’t be able to make it to for some time, the Umbra Concept Store in Toronto, which Happy Mundane has covered. (PS — If any of you live in Toronto, let us know, you can be our spy!)

The week’s pleasant discovery: Chair of the Day at Design Hole.

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thank you for the shout out about my contests!
it’s fun to give away prizes i love!
thank you again!
i hope you’ll enter!

Good leads! I could spend all day procrastinating doing my work by following all this good stuff, and then complain at the end that I got nothing done.

Thanks for the note about my Chair of the Day. I love chairs. But please rest assured, it’s all perfectly platonic.