monkey business: get a load of this dress!


I have to applaud Minneapolis designer Rebecca Yaker on this impossibly ambitious knit creation. Her primate-packed ball gown (there are 30 monkeys total) was the belle of the Walker Art Center’s un-prom fashion show last year, an event that billed itself as “taking prom by the heels and turning it on its tiara.” Wish you had worn a confection this cool to your high school dance? There’s always the reunion: Yaker will custom-design a gown for any sock monkey junky with $1,500 to spare. Check it out on — Megan K.

Shelterrific readers, please share the craft-art creations that inspire you!

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[…] I have been working on my own sock animal creations when I spotted this sock monkey dress on Shelterrific. Rebecca Yaker’s feat of sock monkey design was created using 30 monkeys and it was featured in the Walker Un-Prom Event . […]

Prom, reunion, I think it make a perfect crafty wedding dress.


I love that dress. I saw it in person at the MN State Fair last summer. It was the highlight of the “Creative Activities” building, to say the least!