wish we thought of this: butter cutter


One of the great things about writing a blog is that we occasionally get sent new products to review, things that we may not buy in our everyday lives but are worth testing out none-the-less. Nothing’s given us more of a giggle than the inventive One Click Butter Cutter. Since we’re not HUGE butter-eaters, or even big breakfast people, we never really gave butter cutting much thought. That is, until we slipped a chilled stick into this gizmo and started clicking. We cut up a whole 1/4 lb in seconds! Not knowing what to do with all that cut butter, we stuck it in a Tupperware container and it’s in the fridge now. This is definitely not something everyone needs, but if you have a big family, like hosting brunch parties, or perhaps own a small restaurant, the OneClick ButterCutter is for you! Available in a rainbow of colors, for $20 each, at oneclickbuttercutter.com.


Photos by Chad Hunt

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That’s great! Now if only it had a warming device so I could spread the butter on bread without making bit holes… ;)

big not bit – typo

Clever idea, I like the idea of adding a warmer.