garden inspiration from anthropologie's windows


I was walking by the Anthropologie store near my office in Rockefeller Center the other day and fell in love with this garden display in the window. Such a simple idea — a vintage wagon filled with a hodge podge of pots and plants. Even urban dwellers with the tiniest of outdoor spaces may be able to pull this one off. Here’s a cart I like on eBay — it’s actually an antique serving cart — that has two layers and would work well. Feel free to steal this idea! — Angela M.

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My grandmother had an antique “tea wagon” (like a wood and metal version, sans bottom cabinets, of the serving carts used on airplanes, or also somewhat like the heavy-duty plastic carts used in bookstores; I think it had a glass surface on top and wood on the bottom). She kept plants on it, like that, and had a metal atomizer can for spritzing the leaves.

That’s what these pics remind me of. I was completely obsessed with that can when I was a kid, because the feel of the plunger forcing the spray out through the nozzle was somehow immensely satisfying. My aunt inherited the tea wagon, however; I inherited a telephone table, a 1950s metal ringholder in the shape of a stylized dachshund (turquoise body, bright pink eyes! the rings go on the long, up-pointing tail), and a full charm bracelet.

PS the cart on ebay is somewhat similar to what my grandmother had, but hers was a little more elegant, with more metal and a glass top.


*sigh* yes we all love anthropologies windows and home line, i just wish we could stop gushing over it all the time…