real life test kitchen: chad's banana cream surprise


There are two things that Chad cooks (or so I thought) — veggie chili and a “scrambled egg mess” — which usually involves everything that’s in the fridge. Well, the other night he surprised me by whipping out a third dish from his select culinary repertoire. This we will christen Chad’s Banana Cream Surprise, a bowl-licking-good dessert that he learned to make back during his college days when he worked as a cook in an assisted living facility. It’s so easy to make, I almost hesitate to call it a recipe! Here’s what you need: Some Nilla wafers, a box of banana Jello pudding, Cool Whip and a ripe banana. Make the pudding as per the instructions on the box. Then, place a layer of cookies on the bottom of a glass dish. Add a layer of pudding over that, then a layer of sliced bananas. Then another layer of cookies, then Cool Whip. Finish it off with a handful of cookie crumbs sprinkled on top. Chad says you can put the layers in any order, as long the cookies can soak up the pudding. Let chill for a few hours. Then I suggest you go jog around the block or something, ’cause once you taste this you’ll want to eat the whole thing in one sitting! (“It does have bananas in it though,” says nutrionist Chad.) You’ve been warned. — Angela M.

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laura k

Yeah those “white trash”, as my southern mother-in-law calls them are the best!
She makes a pie with jello and cool whip that is out of this world.

laura k

I have always wanted to ask Angela this.
How do you maintain such domestic bliss?
I would love to know your secret.


We made this as kids in my house – the recipe is on the box of nilla wafers or the pudding. (Just a tip – NEVER read the nutritional info on the nilla wafers)


yes!!! this was a staple of our southern thanksgiving meals.
for some reason, it’s rather hard to find banana pudding these days. vanilla works just as well when you add a few drops of banana extract in.
I actually have the ingredients at home in the cabinet waiting to be whipped up.

mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, good….

Angela M.

Domestic bliss… hmmm. It might seem like that’s what we have, but honestly we’re constantly struggling to figure out what works for us, what will make us happier, etc. We have our moments, for sure, and this little site helps us sort things out. Somedays you have banana cream delights, others come with frustrations and disappointments. Laura K, if you’re in NYC, let me know and we can go out for a cocktail and hash it out together!