need a little gnome in your home?


Ahh, springtime. A time for butterflies, bunnies, flowers and…. garden gnomes! We’ve noticed a lot of plump little cone-hatted fellows cropping up in the world of decor lately. Our friends at featured Gnome plates recently, but they sold out super fast! Luckily we found them Posh Chicago as well, $12. Mahra Dry Goods introduced these crocheted gnomes, that come with a toadstool and a little green patch of turf, $30. More crocheted goodness is over at Jack Rabbit’s Etsy shop, where you’ll find recycled pint beer bottles with a crocheted sleeve, $30 each. Urban Oufitters is having a sale on its plastic Gnome lights, now only $12 (marked down from $18). And if you’re in the mood for an investment Gnome, go for Philippe Starck’s Gnome table for Kartell, $321 at Unica Home.

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OMG! So cute. I have a little gnome on my desk that tends a little mini faux garden with grass made of astroturf. He also has a sheep (that’s really weird and didn’t come with him…but coordinates with his general silliness nonetheless).

(As another aside, the sheep is from some german toy company…and it’s anatomically correct, if you get my drift. Very disconcerting for a toy that’s only 1.5 inches tall. My co-workers are odd people for giving me both the gnome and the sheep.)

Fear Not!!! Your friends at have more gnomes!!

Gnome on people!

Mary T.

Okay, I have to link to a framed piece at my in-laws’ house. My mother-in-law had a thing for gnomes at one time:

Unica home has gnome soap. I think that might be taking the gnome thing too far..?

When you posted about tea carts recently, I mentioned that I had not managed to inherit my grandmother’s. One thing that I did manage to inherit was an awesomely hideous pattern for knitted gnome dolls around a foot or so tall. It’s packed right now, but one day it will emerge into all its glory. Supposedly I used to have a gnome knitted from the pattern, but I have no memory of owning such an item.

I do, however, own two little shelf-dwellers. I think it was synchronicity: my divorced parents, who do not speak to each other, each gave me one as a surprise. One is a real outdoor gnome made of glazed concrete, the other is a somewhat lighter one made of resin.

I’d give you a link to France’s Garden Gnome Liberation Front, but I don’t have one anymore… I had about ten such bookmarks on my old computer. Maybe someone else will oblige, at which point the comments to this post will truly be complete! :)


they are so cute !