happy birthday colette


If you’ve been to Paris in the past decade, you’ve probably stopped by Colette, the uber-hip emporium not far from the Tuileries. Just walking through its doors makes you feel in-the-know, with an impeccably edited selection of goods ranging from luxe handbags to desktop accessories. The chic boutique is celebrating its tenth year, and a range of designers has created limited-editions for the occasion (check out this Make Me Sweat tee from House of Holland). Still, our favorites are their classics, like Redo’s Linje 1 candle that looks like a naughty scientist’s beaker. Even if a trip to Paris isn’t on the horizon for you, log on over to Colette’s site, where you can soak in the vibe and place a few international orders. (Warning: Don’t log on at work — your desk will sound like cocktail lounge. To get in the groove at home, order one of the store’s compilation cds!)

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happy birthday colette

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