real life test kitchen: leek and potato galette


Last week we were holed up in our country rental, pretending we had a yard, fireplace and big kitchen. Even though Easter was a week away, I decided to cook up a holiday-worthy feast. Nothing too fancy really: some roasted beef, green beans and this leek and potato galette from April’s Everyday Food. Despite the french name, it just requires a few ingredients — six tablespoons butter (melted), five to six medium backing potatoes (peeled), one leek (sliced thin), and six oz of Gruyere cheese (grated). First you thinly slice the potatoes (I used a knife, but a mandoline here would be nifty), then add the melted butter and season with salt and pepper. In a nine-inch pan (that has a layer of parchment paper on the bottom), beginning layering the potatoes, overlapping them slightly. Click through to the next page to find out what happens next and to see more photos! — Angela M.


When that’s complete, sprinkle with half of leek and cheese. Add another layer of potatoes, the rest of the leeks and cheese, and then polish off with one final layer of potatoes. Press down into the pan, and bake 70 minutes or so at 375. When it’s done, remove, cool slightly and invert onto a serving plate. My galette didn’t look as pretty as the one in the magazine — it didn’t brown on the bottom/new-top and I wonder if inverting was necessary. But boy, was it yummy. Despite all that cheese, it was surpisingly light, and we polished off nearly the whole thing between three of us (it was supposed to serve eight). Gulp.

Click here to see the whole recipe at Everyday Food’s site.

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Gosh that makes me drool. Say, can you use any sort of pan with parchment paper? Or does it need to be non-stick do you think? And, think paper bag would do the trick, since I’m unlikely to have parchment paper around the house…

Angela M.

I believe you can use any pan — ours was glass and it worked just fine. We bought a roll just for this. I’m sure it will be sitting my cupboard for years now. So if you need any, you can take some of mine!

Oh yum yum yum! My mouth is watering!


This looks absolutely delicious — thanks for giving it a test run! The recipe indicates that you’re actually supposed to invert it twice — once onto a plate, and then again onto a serving plate, so you get that nice crusty part on the top where it belongs.

Angela M.

How did I miss that?! Thanks Christina. That makes total sense.

wow, that looks stunning. yum.

That looks and sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to try it myself!

WoW! That sure does look great. Like your photo better than Martha Stewarts. I saw hers and it did not inspire me to make it, but yours certainly does.


angela, your galette looks positively mouth-watering!

but people… people, people, people… don’t let that parchment go to waste!

use it to make the best — and simplest — fish/chicken in a bag you’ve ever had. officially it’s called “en papillote” in french methods, but around my house, it’s a bag of parchment paper.

last weekend it was spring zucchini sliced thin as the base, some frozen chicken fillets from trader joes on top of that, and a slice of butter and fresh cracked pepper on top — 5 minutes prep + 35 minutes cooking = a spectacular dinner!

check out the recipe at epicurious, then go to town with whatever fish/veggies are seasonal where you are.

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