notes from the (green) nursery: gDiapers


I know this is late for Earth Day — as a new mom, I’ve inherited an abundance of lag time — but “green” is always in fashion, right? This flushable gDiaper is the most recent eco-friendly experiment in my house. The starter kit, which I found at Whole Foods, came with a pair of cute lime and baby blue cloth pants, a nice change from plastic Sesame Street print, with flushable inserts and a swish stick to break them up in the toilet.

We found that changing a ‘little g’ takes about five minutes of extra maintenance work, but it made us feel good knowing that meant one less plastic diaper taking 500 years to biodegrade in a landfill. The downfall? The gDiaper can be a soggy affair, especially at night when changing is less frequent, and I figure I’d have to acquire at least a dozen to get us through the week. So for now this will be a part time venture for my little g. Readers: Please share the “green” baby goods you’ve tried with success! —Megan K.

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