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Let me tell ya, I am not keen on the burgeoning I-heart-trampolines trend. Lordy, lordy I am almost forty and that is just not copacetic yard candy in my guideline manual. I didn’t have a backyard “playstation” growing up. I used my imagination, loitered at other peoples’ swing sets and spent hours exploring the underdeveloped suburban back roads of Jersey (exotic stuff!). Now, what I do think is a great treat I wish I had, is a killer hammock. I’d be happy swaying for days in the Fatboy Headdemock. The colors are fun! Due to my desert lust I’d go with Sand. Do you like? $400 at designpublic.com — Allison R.

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Mary T.

We have a hammock, and I love it. Plenty of room for both of us. But we got ours through Overstock.com–for considerably cheaper. : ) It’s not a Fatboy, but it’s not a cheap string hammock, either.

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I love the looks of it and I’ve been looking for a good hammock for years. But the ends of that don’t seem too sturdy. I just see it not holding up over time and for $400 it needs to hold up.

I just picked one up last week at our local arts festival from http://www.easytimes.net We have a couple of their adult chairs and one childrens chair. They are making in my fabric choice and I can’t wait for it to get here. I stop at their booth every year.
Cory Ann

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