do anti-fatique kitchen mats work?


A few weeks ago we were visiting our friend Henry in the country and noticed he had extra large kitchen mat. It wasn’t exactly stylin’, so I wondered what it was doing there. When I offered to lend a hand at the stovetop, however, there was a pleasant bounce beneath my feet. “This feels good!” I thought. Flipping through Domino the other day, I spotted an ad for Gel Pro Chef Mats, which looks like Henry’s. According to the site, it is an “anti-fatique” mat that helps to stop lower back pain — like a big gel pad for your floor rather than your shoes. Now, I don’t cook that much that to really deserve this, but occassionally, when I’m doing something that might take an hour or so, I can imagine this would be a welcome thing. The pads pricey — $99 for a small sink-size one and $200 for one that’s double in size. And, it’s not nearly as cute as the fake grass mat we have now. I’m wondering, do these work? If you’ve had any experiences with these babies, let me know! Are they worth it? — Angela M.

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