goods to be green: pretty bike basket


I spotted this lovely bike basket in Living Etc the other day and knew you would love it. It’s just the thing to tote home your groceries from the farmer’s market! Recently released by Design Stockholm House, it is designed by Marie Louise Gustafsson, who explains its pattern reminds her of crochet tableclothes which her grandma used to serve afternoon tea. I’m not sure how much it costs, but you can go to to try to track it down. — Angela M.

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Angela M.

Look! there it is! Thanks Yahaira….


WARNING: If you order it from c2b, you can only get it in white …

Joy from the Oh Joy! blog used it in her work studio as a creative catch all. You have to check this out, Joy is so creative.

Angela M.

Thanks Holly! What a great idea from Joy. I love this basket, but definitely prefer it in a color…. maybe CB2 will catch on and expand their offering.


My husband bought it for me at I think the only colors available anywhere are green and white. It’s $49 at Relish and it did take a few weeks to get because people are ordering more than the shop is receiving. Other than that, I have to say I absolutely love it!