find of the day: seattle's glassybaby votives


If you find yourself in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood, stop into Lee Rhodes’ new glassybaby location, where the glassblowers will soon be back at work creating glossy, satisfyingly chunky glassybaby votives in a stunning array of colors. Each glassybaby is individually created with three layers of hand-blown glass, so each has slight, charming variations in size and weight. The store, a fresh white space designed by Roy McMakin, has large baskets on hand for shoppers to test how lit votives will look at night—love that! Of course, you can order your glassybaby online, too—including glassybaby goodwill, with proceeds benefiting charitable organizations. (Two site must-sees: the about page written by Rhodes’ 12-year-old son, and loads of gorgeous glassypics.) — Mary T.

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They’re certainly beautiful, especially en masse. But I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $40 for something so small and simple!

Mary T

You might change your mind if you see them in person. They’re a bit larger than they appear here, and they are so gorgeous. I love them as an authentic piece of Seattle. They’re all made by hand in very small batches–no mass production, so no mass-production prices! : )


Pretty pretty pretty.

Gorgeous, lovely, you can have too many glass items.

Oops, I meant to say you can never have too many glass items.