real life test kitchen: chicken chilaquiles


Are you looking to serve up some crowd pleasing fare over the Memorial Day weekend? Have I got a recipe for you! Chicken Chilaquiles from Food & Wine. Basically this is fancy name for chicken nachos, though the dish is far more appealing that it sounds. There are two main steps: First, you make your own salsa verde, by blending some tomatillos, garlic, jalapeno and cilantro. I had never cooked with a tomatillo before — and didn’t even know what they looked like! I found some at a fancy grocery store near the herbs and peppers, though they look like little green tomatoes with a layer of onion skin. After you puree those ingredients, you heat up a little bit of veggie oil in a pan, and add a dash of cumin and coriander. Once that’s hot, toss in the puree and cook for a minute. This sauce packs a wallop of flavor! Set that aside, while in a large bowl you mix shredded cooked chicken, shredded pepper jack cheese, farmer’s cheese (which looks a bit like ricotta) and a finely sliced scallion. Pour in half of the verde sauce and stir it up. Toss the remaining sauce with a of chips. Layer half of the chips in a baking pan, then layer the chicken mixture on top of that, and then add more chips, a little sour cream and more shredded pepper jack. Cook till bubbly and brown, about fifteen minutes. Serve hot and step aside to bask in the praise. This is soooo good, it will be gobbled up. Click here for the whole recipe. — Angela M.

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Mexican food is delicious!

I made a Cooking Light version of this a few weeks ago, but wasn’t too happy with the results – it was much too dry. I’ll have to try this one.

I wasn’t too familiar with this dish before, but since having made it, it’s been referenced on Heroes and I saw another recipe on Chow, I believe. And now here! Weird, but maybe I just never paid attention before.

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