le creuset goes tropical


When we think of hefty Le Creuset pots, we think of winter: Stews, soups, casseroles that are slow cooked and stick to the bones. That is, until we spotted this new summery-colored collection in Sur La Table. They called it Caribbean Blue, or azure (as in the ocean) but it also responds to teal, turquoise, and aqua blue. Regardless of its name, we love it! Wouldn’t it look stunning in an all white kitchen? Click here to see the collection, starting at $30.

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OMG. I am in love.


Finally! That’s the color they showed in the Blueprint magazine’s small-space makeover. I tried to find them, found that this color had been available in the U.K for some time but couldn’t find out if the US was going to get this color at all. Thank you.


Those links will take you to the bake ware. The link for the oval and round French ovens is here: http://www.surlatable.com/category/id/100408.do

erica p.

Oh my, those are great! Is there a way to start a wish list from this site…you know, like the amazon wish lists, cause this would definitly top mine.

I have a bright red le creuset that made a home on my stove about a year ago. If i get one of these tropical pieces i’ll have pots to match my new kitchen color combo. (Turqouise wall, red counter. )

ohhh that colour has me sold! so fresh!