a visit with my favorite cinemaniac


Nothing’s more fun than peeking into other people’s apartments, but few places give me as much of a thrill as the home of Paper magazine’s film critic, cinemaniac Dennis Dermody. Its blood red walls are covered with macabre memorabilia, and every inch of his screening room is filled with rare videos and dvds. Dennis invites all his friends over for private viewings, and it was there that I discovered the joys of Takashi Miike and saw a bootleg copy of Battle Royale. He’s a mighty fine chef too (his cassoulet is divine!). Now you too can take a gander at his amazing digs and out-of-this world collections. Paper magazine’s site features a video tour of his pad, including close up shots of some of his most dear treasures (like Jeffrey Dahmer’s freezer bill, framed). It’s a hoot — and a fine example of a space reflecting its owners vibrant personality. — Angela M.

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