everyday sweaters for your apple


Rose and Radish sent us an email yesterday about their gorgeous new Tea Time collection. Filled with clever, dainty trinkets, it’s hard to decide what we love most. If forced to choose, we may select this Apple Jacket by Jacqueline Dufresne. The site claims these crocheted little cozies will protect your apples from getting bruised in your purse. But we think they turn them into a lovely object d’art. Available in three colors, $12 each. Works for pears and avocados, too!

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Those are knitted, not crocheted. There is a pattern for an apple cozy (and a banana too, I think) in the book Funky Knits.


i JUST saw the same thing somewhere on Etsy – but for $7 each!

i bought a striped pear cozy on etsy for 7 and it’s wonderful. they are on the apples crooked in your picture. :) the stem should come out near the little leaf.