strangely appealing: belt seat hammock


We love the idea of this sling, a comfy outdoor hammock made entirely of seat belts. But we’re not sure how we feel about having that shade of neon-esque green hanging in our back yard. We lean more towards neutrals, like this Fat Boy Hammock that had us drooling a while back. Plus, though made of entirely recycled goods, this one is $578, trees not included. What do you think? Would you hang this baby in your yard? See more at

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Mary T

Actually, I love this! I left a comment on the Fat Boy hammock post about the one I bought from, and since that time actually brought it outside for the first time this year. Well, it’s not doing so well. It’s some kind of basket weave (actually looks like this one but it’s not made of car seatbelts, that I know) and after being in weather for a season, the fabric has started to shed little itchy bits of, I don’t know, plastic or something. So you can’t even use it without a throw on it. Disappointing.

I love the color too. I’d like to see it in yellow or red, to contrast with the green shade of grass.

Mary T.

Okay, I have a question on hammocks: Does anyone know of one that’s durable? We had a rope one first that our friends’ children helped destroy — but it was very poorly made; the holes in the wood were so rough that any swinging in the hammock acted as a scissors to the ropes, until they started to break.

Now our more recent hammock, the one I reference above, just broke five strands when my husband and I got on it, and no we’re not over the weight limit! I mean, short of bringing my hammock inside every time it rains, which I’m not going to do, what’s the solution? Anyone?

I saw this whole line at this year’s ICFF – I’m in LOVE!!!!! Love the green, love the design, love love love.