real life test kitchen: chicken & bowtie pasta salad


I don’t know about you, but when it’s hot outside I don’t feel like cooking. Or even eating something that’s hot. So last weekend I whipped up a big bowl of Cooking Light’s Chicken & Bowtie Pasta salad, and milked it for a few a days. Even Chad, who instantly crinkles his nose at the thought of pasta salad, devoured heaps of it. The mix involves all kinds of goodness — chicken, celery, red onion, walnuts and best of all, red grapes. The dressing combines fresh orange and lemon juice with mustard, rice vinegar and a few other ingredients. It’s got a nice tang with out being overpowering. Check out the recipe here at It’s great for brown-bag lunches! — Angela M.

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I am so glad you posted this! I remember making this (and eating pretty much nothing else for a week or two..) a few years ago, but couldn’t remember where on earth I had found the recipe. I know what we’re eating tomorrow…

Made it last night and just had leftovers for lunch. Yummy! I am always on the lookout for interesting takes on quick meals.

Ally S

It’s called farfalle!

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