bye-bye buggabo? the trio bike with carrier


Leave it to the Danes to come with something as cool as this. The TrioBike is carrierbike, pushchair and a bike all in one. With five point safety belts for the children, disc brakes, integrated front-and rear lights, fireproof hood and seats, its designers believe it is the safest carrierbike children can ride in. It’s also a fortune, around $3000, though residents of Denmark can qualify for a loan — can you imagine our government ever being so helpful? I guess if bikes are what you want people to drive, instead of cars, that’s what you do! What do you think? Could you see yourself peddling around town — kid in tow – on one of these? — Angela M.

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I like this design too but it is a bit pricey.

I always thought it would be nice if they offered a modular front cargo platform as well. That the Trio could be used as a utility bike once the kids grow up and move on to their own bikes.

The Dutch have lots of cargo bikes. They are spendy like the triobike, but really cool looking. imports them into the US (there are now a bunch of these in Portland!). check out all their models:

(I have no relation to bakefeits, I just think they’re nifty, I just wish they cost less!)

The Triobike looks cool, sturdy and secure. If I had kids that would be the kind of bikes I would look at.

But to make it a transportation option in North America for your daily errands, there are still lots of changes to be done in the city planning – like where can I park it.


Actually the TrioBike is called that because the bike and pushchair CAN be used separately as well as put together and used as above. So while $3,000 is still a lot, it is a better deal when you know this.