alt-wedding invite idea: kate spade printable cards


As Chad & I begin planning our BIG DAY, one thing is very clear: We are not traditionalists. We cannot — and have no desire to — have a typical American wedding that costs somewhere around $30k (um, that’s the cost of a downpayment on a house!). We have very small families, many close friends, and a limited budget. Still, we want our day to be special, sincere and most of all, fun. Starting what will surely be on our long list of D.I.Y. touches, we’re going to skip the pricey invitations. We want something less formal, something that we can customize ourselves. These Kate Spade Printable Invitations seem just about perfect. They have a gorgeous branch design on one side, and the come with thick, rich, green-lined envelopes. They’re just the thing to jumpstart our “country” themed wedding. We’ve already ordered one batch and have done some testing on our printer. It’s super easy to create a template with the font of your choice (Copperplate looks great). They cost $25 for ten — far less these engraved bough invitations, $456 for 50, which are similar. Plus, without all those extra bits of paper — RSVP cards and such — we’re being more eco-friendly. It’s a win win! — Angela M.

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Total win, win! The graphics on the Kate Spade and the Crane version are exactly the same! What a find! I actually think the Kate Spade ones are prettier! Kudos to you!

Ahh… just realized the Kate Spade ones ARE from Crane that would explain the identical design! Still stand by the preference for the Printable ones!


I agree that you’re going to have very lovely invitations and your choice is terrific. I had a small, informal and wonderful wedding in Austin with a garden-type vibe, and one of the things I did was use small flowering plants, ferns, grass as centerpieces. I had 45 guests and did one very long table, and it looked like a lovely little garden going down the length of it. I bought river stones and used them as placecards. (The plants were the take home gifts for the attendees!) You can get lovely flowers, in season, at any nursery or even Home Depot and save a small fortune. You can grow grass in containers as well – but it has to be done a little in advance (unlike the flowers). You can get moss to keep the look continuous and flowing. Over the table was a long “string” which was hung with flower blossoms (you could use fresh or dried) and small greenery and looked terrifc. I also used a zillion small votives, and when it went dark, the look was gorgeous. My friends still talk about our wedding (6 years later) since small and personal is always more memorable. If you’re looking for music, I would recommend a Latin combo since that music appeals to everyone of all ages.

You’re off to a tremendous start. Have a blast planning and MAKING your day incredibly special.


If you and Chad are interested in sticking with your alt wedding theme I would like to suggest a signature platter instead of a traditional guest book.

They are a wonderful twist on the old and they are totally personalized.

We offer free digital mockups…so if you and Chad would like to see what we could create for you please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the planning.

Hugh and Elizabeth


(first time posting, enjoyed the site for awhile now.)

my fiance and i found a site with some pretty modern options that is INCREDIBLY cheap. we just received our invitations and they were excellent, just like the samples. i’d highly recommend them for anyone looking for budget stuff with great design.

(yeah the site name is awful)

Congrats, Angela!