real-life test kitchen: sfoglia’s spaghetti with strawberries


Most people wouldn’t call me a gourmet cook. In fact, most wouldn’t call me a cook! But when I saw this recipe from Manhattan’s Sfoglia in New York magazine, for some reason I had to give it a try. It was fun to saute strawberries, though it felt strange to make pasta sauce with no onion, basil, garlic, or oregano. The end result was super-sweet, but that’s okay with me — I like my red sauce sweet, and the strawberries gave it a nice bite. My husband and I ate heartily, but the truth is, I probably won’t make it again. Chalk that up to not being used to tasting strawberries in a main course (or perhaps not having the skills of a restaurant chef). Here’s a note if you try this at home: do finish the plates with ground pepper. I forgot this step, and when I added it halfway through my meal, it really seemed to tie together all the flavors. -Mary T.

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That sounds bizarre and divine at the same time. Now I’ll have to try it!

I also tried making a savory/main course recipe with strawberries for the first time this past weekend. It was for a spinach salad that had a fresh strawberry-balsamic-bay leaf vinaigrette and I actually quite enjoyed it. If you don’t like big salads, it’s a good way to disguise raw leafy greens and also get some fresh fruit in at the same time.

i am so intrigued with this… might need to try it…

Mary T

Okay, I want to hear back how you liked it if you try it. It does have its appeal. I really LOVE strawberries in salads; it was the main-course thing that threw us a bit.

it sounds very gross… but i have this anti fruit-with-meat-and/or-served-as-savory-entree thing… maybe it’s amazing and i’m just missing out…

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