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We spotted this shiny camper on the other day and just had to blog it. It’s the Teardrop Trailer from the Sundance catalog, that appeals to our sense of wanderlust. It’s made from designs created in the 1940s, but has all kinds of modern-day conviences, including a Formica counter, a Sunbrella awning and a Coleman cooler. The mattress is full-sized, so two of you can hit the road, snug as bugs. This little number will set you back $24,000, but you’ll never have to crash in a Motel 8 again. Click here to see more at

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It’s very cute… but I did laugh at the photo featuring a pie in the galley, as if to suggest that one could actually bake one in that kitchen while on the road.

We have a 1942 teardrop. There is a great community of teardroppers out there. I’d suggest contacting one of your local tear drop nuts first. There’s a good forum here:

We’ve had fun with our teardrop but sadly it’s too small for us. We’re probably going to sell ours and buy something slightly wider. Or wait until our daughter is old enough for just my husband and I to go camping alone. (if this trailer’s rockin’ don’t bother knockin’)


If you don’t like the price tag and are a little handy with tools – check out this auction on ebay for the same exact trailer blueprints!

You can customize it from the ground up! Oh how I wish I knew how to do stuff like that!


I have a teardrop that was made by a couple of fellas in Wisconsin – Camp Inn Trailers . We have taken it down Route 66, several cross-country drives, and endless camping trips. Camp Inns are quite a bit cheaper than the Sundance version with more options and different sizes. I really can’t recommend them enough!

I want! I want! I want! I saw a vintage trailer at the MoMA in New York and thought that I might actually enjoy camping if I was sporting one of these cute trailers.

Marijo Peterman

We just recently built our own Teadrop camper, thanks to my brother. It was our dream to travel the USA in a teardrop. It took many months of planning and much more money that we planned on but it does have all the bells and whistles. If anyone has any tips or stories of their teardrop travels we would love to hear about them. And We live in Pa and would love to join a Teardrop club. Ever since I saw the teardrop story on the Travel Channel, I was hooked and had to have one. We have a larger camper but Its soon to be history. Email us at
[email protected]

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