reader's found treasure: devil drawing

It’s a winner! We all flipped for this creative use of a piece of a trash. Riye is the winner of the Show Us Your Found Decor contest. Congratulations! Your Ikea vases will be coming soon!


I’m guessing most people’s fabulous trash finds will be great pieces of furniture but mine is a plate design.

Around six years ago I was looking for a really good housewarming gift for my dear friend B who, after scrimping and saving, finally managed to buy an apartment of his own (and believe me, in this town that is a major accomplishment). B is a graphic designer and in his limited spare time likes to draw comics and put together small illustrated books. One day, I noticed he had thrown away a bunch of small drawings, including this little winged devil man. I asked if I could have the drawings (he was throwing them away because they were “clutter”) and dug them out of his trash. At that time I was studying ceramics at the university so during my class on low-fired ceramics I made ceramic decals using the drawing. Then I went to Goodwill and bought a bunch of plain white dessert plates, took them back to school, and fired the decals on them. B was so surprised and happy with the plates that I wish I had had time to make him a whole set with that little devil man on them. — Riye

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Oh, these are so great! You guys should collaborate and open an etsy shop – I’ll bet these and other designs would sell like hotcakes.

Mary T

love love love!!! Definitely the winner!

That’s about the sweetest story I’ve ever, ever heard.


Thank you for the nice comments! B is so surprised and happy. The word “Etsy” did pass his lips but we’re both so swamped right now that I don’t know when we’d find the time to work on it. Thanks again to the Shelterrific crew, you guys really made our day.


I would definetly buy some of those plates! When you get the time fire up some more for us!


This is great! I would also definitely buy some, if they were available on Etsy.


Yep, I love this!