reader’s found treasure: orange armchair

We crown Holly the First Place Finalist in our Show Us Your Found Decor contest. It really was a toss us between her and the winner (coming soon!).


One steamy August evening the family and I were out for a little late night Dumpster diving (a long tradition in my husband’s family!) He grew up in Scarsdale where the occasional Biedermeier sofa at the curbside was not uncommon. We were cruising by Pforzheimer House an undergraduate dorm near Harvard Square when I screamed out for my Hubby to stop the car. There it was, this beautiful orange armchair. Perfectly constructed, heavy as horse and as comfortable as any chair we’ve ever owned. I have no idea of it’s origin, it had no original tags on it but my guess would be early 60’s. If any readers know, I would love to find out. — Holly D. Cambridge, MA

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