the welcome warbler

My neighbor Meleah gave Mia this Eastern Bluebird impersonator right after she was born. Since then, our plastic solar-powered pet has had a perch on the front porch where she sometimes startles but almost always amuses visitors with her life-like movements and song. There’s a whole flock of “breezy singers” just like her by Japanese toymaker Takara fitted with microchips of real bird sounds from the Cornell School of Ornithology. More than mere kitsch, little blue also serves as a friendly burglar alarm, announcing every arrival with a chirp. And there’s another bonus: No bird poop.

Shelterrific readers: Please share the inanimate entryway strays you’ve adopted. — Megan K.

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Love these! The Breezy Singers Parakeet was a gift from my kids to their grandma. They love going to visit grandma’s birdie!