new household must-have: a tubtrug

I spotted this ingenious invention yesterday at Not Martha and keep thinking of all the uses I could put it to. Tub Trugs are flexible, rubber tubs that hold everything from sand to water with ease. They come in five different sizes and colors that are bright and way more fun that ol’ galvanized metal. I think they’d perfect to help tote the recyclables to the trash, or for those of you with kids, great for toy storage (like in the bathroom). Tub Trugs are also perfect for cooling a six pack and lugging it down to the beach. They’re also inexpensive (about $16 for a nine gallon one). Click here to them at Stacks and Stacks — Angela M.

P.S. I just noticed Tub Trugs are for sale over at Apartment Therapy’s store!

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Allison R

I have three- They are great for weeding..Every gardener should have one in the garden, and I keep one in the trunk of my car. It is so cute and pink!


We have one for the garden, weeding, trimming etc & one for the bathroom. It’s big enough to stand in while in the shower, so we can collect the shower water (we’ve a particularly nasty drought here at the moment and you aren’t allowed to water the garden very often).

This is fantastic – oh I have so many uses in mind for these already, thank you for sharing these!


After reading this blog, I found a variety of colors and sizes at my local Rhinebeck garden shop, The Phantom Gardener. Got a big pink one for my daughter’s laundry basket, and a smaller red one for her garbage. I really loved the way the pink and orange ones look together — so I may go back. They’d be great for recycling bottles and cans, because they wouldn’t be bothered by little drips and could be hosed out.