my perfect little window shelf… finally


I have a total of seven windows in my apt. Sounds like a lot right? Well three of them are situated a mere two ft. from the towering brick wall of the apartment next door and are therefore rendered useless in the realm of general window functions. However with space at a premium in NYC I decided I couldn’t let the space go to waste. Two of the windows hold air-conditioners but the third just got put to good use this weekend when I decided to put up a handy little window shelf for my books. I found the bright red brackets at my local Ace Hardware several months ago during one of my many trips while building the counter in my kitchen. I didn’t have a specific shelf location in mind when I bought them but they were just too cute (who doesn’t love red!) to pass up. This weekend I had a piece of wood cut to the dimensions of my window for a little under $5. I then decided instead of painting the not-so-great quality wood, I’d cover it with fabric using nothing but a scrap and my trusty hot-glue gun. Once it was screwed in and sturdy I lined up my books and sat admiring while I thought about what to do with the free floor space I’d uncovered by relocating my pile of books! — Erica P.

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Ellen P.

What a clever idea to cover the wood with fabric!!! But, best of all, to have your books at eye level; no more losing that special book to the bottom of the pile.

Is Costa Rica next in your travels? It is sunny and gusty today, a beatiful and refreshing combination. :D

Erica P.

hey bellydancingknitter-

I am coming to Costa Rica! My boyfriend and I just booked a trip for Christmas/New Years and I can’t wait.

I’m just now realizing you live and blog about it and I can’t wait to read through your site! Feel free to send any recs my way- from food to lodging to sight seeing… i’d love love LOVE your insiders viewpoint! I’m at epolicow (at) gmail (dot) com

ellobie in Chicago

Ha! This shelf reminds me of a craft project from college. We had a picture “dent” running all around the room (not a rail, just a groove with hooks you could snap in) so we took 2 lonnnng loops of ribbon, hung each from a hook, then plopped a board covered in contact paper through the loops and perpendicular to the wall. It was a surprisingly strong and sturdy setup!

What a great idea. Almost makes me wish I needed to do this with my windows.