mod, affordable baby furniture…. from wal-mart?


It seems like there is a deluge of chic baby furniture sprouting up these days — and it is the focus of today’s New York Times House & Garden slide show. On one hand it’s exciting for those of us who are parents, or thinking about becoming parents, that there is so much sophisticated stuff out there. Unfortunately, the prices — usually more than $1000 for a crib — puts it out of the realm of reality. That’s why we were so surprised and tickled to see this collection in the Times from Wal-Mart. It’s their Baby-Mod line, and it’s only available online. The crib shown here, the Roxanne 3-In-1, is just under $300, and converts to a day bed. Made of solid wood and veneer — no press boards. Not too shabby, huh?

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wow, gorgeous! i’d buy non-baby furniture with this styling — i especially like the variegated slats on the white end pieces (not particularly visible in shot above, which makes it look like the end pieces are solid).

That is cute, and I like the bedding as well. I wonder if there has been any safety ratings?

Sharon R

It is cute, but it’s from Wal Mart. I think they’re evil and won’t buy anything from them. Now if this was from Target, that’d be a different story.

WalMart tends to “try out” new products on their website, if it does well sales-wise, it’ll start to show up in region-appropriate (read: higher income, metropolitan suburb) shops in a few months.


Sharon, why is Wal-Mart evil? Please if you can use specific facts, meaning things that are true and not just things you’ve heard or read that are unsubstantiated. I have no interest either way but find it so interesting that people have this thing about Wal-Mart but then can’t ever answer me when I ask for specific things that make Wal-Mart so bad. For the record, Wal-Mart’s sustainability efforts and community/charity donations far outweigh Target’s. Furniture is cute btw!


I just purchased this complete set online. Shipping was kinda expensive (130 for all 3 pieces). But, compared to all the other cribs I liked (netto) it’s still pretty inexpensive. I’ll be back to report what the quality is like when I receive them.

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Ingrid — Wal-Mart has a long, well-documented history of union-busting and paying its workers salaries that leave them living below the poverty line. Not to mention the multiple sex- and race-discrimination class-action lawsuits, reliance on overseas sweatshops, etc. etc. They’re also major Republican donors, if that matters to you.

Try to learn more.


Jessica, I’m looking foward to hearing about the quality of the furniture once you receive it! I’m considering getting the changing table and would love to hear your review.


I put aside my own Wal Mart qualms and got the Roxanne crib. The quality is good, and it looks great.

Couple of suggestions, though. If you can do the final pickup yourself, use Wal Mart’s ship to store function – you get free shipping. Also, build it in the baby’s room. I can’t stress this point enough, because it stinks to find out it won’t fit through the door AFTER you’ve assembled it.


Hi Ingrid, not to gang up, but WalMart is pretty evil. Funny that they are trying to make a buck on baby furniture when they are suffering from so many lawsuits for their discriminatory practices against women … especially women with children. They pick on the poor and the weak, and who is more at risk than a mother with young children?

The Los Angeles Times won a pulitzer prize in 2004 for its series on WalMart and the devastation it brought to many sectors of the working/manufacturing biz in the US. Example: The textile business that was a cornerstone to the economies of several southern states was a victim of WalMarts business tactics. (cause slave labor in China is always cheaper) These are facts, not left wing, not right wing – there is proof.

Besides, I would prefer to get my baby items from Ikea – they are cheap, cute and most important – the mattresses/foam adhere to european safety standards.


Ingrid, I’m afraid I must agree with Sharon and Suze. Wal-mart is currently involved in a lawsuit with my neighborhood association (long story, but needless to say, they are unwanted and are bullying our city council to get their way). I don’t shop there and I won’t shop there, no matter how stylish and inexpensive their things are. It’s just a knock-off of higher-end, better made lines. Does anyone know where the furniture is manufactured? The site merely says Assembled in: USA and/or imported.


Ingrid, I also want to note that Target actually gives the largest percentage of their profits to charity:


Here’s a site that has several cribs that cost less than $300. It’s
I found 6 cribs that I particularly like that are less than $300. All the cribs have a classic and elegant design. Let me know what you guys think about the site.


Agreed.. Wal Mart is a terrible corporation and an intergral part of corporate america which currently runs this country.. They keep down wages, make the rich richer and keep the 15%! of the US population below the poverty line (15k/yr!) poor people in the uncomfortable status quo.. All the while, they just keep feeding China more US $s which will be by far the biggest mistake that the US ever makes.. All that said, it looks like a great crib and may have to break my own Wal Mart boycott to get it as nothing else out there seems to compare.


The “Roxanne Crib” from Walmart baby Mod is actually the “Annabelle Crib” from Million Dollar Baby, which is a line sold in many Juvenile Specialty Stores. They do this exclusive color combination for WalMart. While it is certainly not high-end furniture by quality standards, it does not carry the price tag of many of the other “mod” cribs out there which are not of high quality either (read Netto Cub, etc.) It is certainly of sound quality and Million Dollar baby is JPMA certified.


Misha (and others), Wal-Mart Watch is a union backed organization that spends a lot of money picking at any and everything about Wal-Mart because they are losing out on a lot of dues money. How do you know it is all factual? Also, just because a group of people file a lawsuit does not mean the facts of the case are true. Anyone can file. The big fish always gets the heat. Wal-Mart is such an easy target because they are so big. Their average hourly wage is above the minimum wage, why isn’t everyone upset with McDonald’s or Starbucks, or Safeway, etc., etc. … they all likely pay about $8/hr for unskilled labor, some maybe less. I just think it is funny that people so easily jump on the “Wal-Mart is evil” bandwagon just because they read an article in the newspaper or hear something at a cocktail party, or because it is hip. My only advice is “do your reseplace” and I mean find out true facts, not Wal-Mart hating propaganda. There are two sides to every story.

Enough of that. The crib is really cute and I’m thinking about getting it for my twins!

Ingrid, with all due respect, Wal-Mart may pay above the federal minimum wage, but it has been documented that they train their store managers to make sure the employees work the minimum number of hours to disqualify them for medical benefits, and they are told to clock out before they qualify to be paid overtime — and the employee is expected to stay on their shift AFTER clocking out to work for Wal-Mart for free! I really don’t know about MacDonalds or grocery store chains, but I do know that Starbucks does make medical benefits available to employees, even part-timers. I have a really eye-opening video about Wal-Mart, and I’d be glad to send a copy to anyone who e-mails me to request it. If I’m allowed to give my e-mail address in this forum I will. Just let me know Thanks


Not sure if this thread is still active, but I found a great crib with similar styling: Babymiro by Da Vinci – Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. It’s a bit more expensive, but still not a bad price – $390 with free shipping from a couple of retailers. Could be higher quality than Wal-Mart stuff. Here’s a link to one of the sites:


Katey – I’ve been looking at 2 of the baby mod cribs at Walmart – the Roxanne and the Parklane. I love the Da-vinci crib you posted and guess what? It the same crib as the baby mod Parklane on Walmart with Expresso sides.
Those who don’t want to support Walmart should get BabyMiro. It is a similar price with the free shipping and include toddler conversion kit.

I found an article you may be interested in. A woman curious as to the manufacturer called customer service as she’d seen many articles just like it at much higher prices and they confirmed that Million Dollar Baby is the manufacturer of this product. It also states so on the box.. Must be a shame putting those Chinese workers out


Also, Da Vinci makes a model very similar to the Roxanne if you can’t get over the two tone styling. Its about the same price after shipping and sold exclusively from They have a great sale right now where the crib is about $200 and the changing table combo is $99 but you’ll make up for the savings in shipping!! Also you can find money saving coupon codes online for this site

Sorry just to add.. Its also called the Roxanne. And unforunately the only matching piece is the changing table which only has three drawers.. I’m very curious to hear the quality difference of both items.. But i included the link to the Minitots similar model


I love how AJ says corporate America is evil….if it wasn’t for corporations that can mass produce goods how would any of us have the things in our lives that we take for granted, like automobiles, appliances, computers, phones, etc, etc….there is no “mom & pop” stores that could turn out any of these goods on such a large scale so that they were affordable. Furthermore, last time I checked, Wal-mart is NOT a concentration camp. Nobody is holding a gun to any of the employees and forcing them to work there. If the conditions of employment are so terrible, let those employees go elsewhere to work….or perhaps use it as motivation to get a college education and start businesses of their own.


A little delayed for this conversation perhaps, but I am loving some of the new baby items. They have a ways to go to get away from the completely baby pink and blue items that are not that cute, but they are making the attempt.

As for the conversation about Wal-Mart itself. My fiancee is a Wal-Mart employee. He makes enough money (he’s not a manager of any sorts, just a regular worker), to support himself and me just fine. In fact he makes enough that we are going to have a baby soon and feel very comfortable in the fact that it will have all it needs on his salary. So don’t believe all you hear.


I bought the crib and changing table after reading the blog. The crib is great (although a little hard to put together). The changing table is horrible! One of the drawers completely fell apart after only two months of use. Definitely don’t buy the changing table! I’m trying to figure out who to call for a new drawer right now!!! I’ll probably have to buy a whole other piece. My advice is to spend the money and buy better quality!

Angela M.

Wow, Denise, that’s good to know. So far our crib is holding up well.

i agree that wal-mart has very questionable business ethics; however, that bedding is gorgeous (though i wonder if it’d hold up?). i also love target, but more for everything else BUT furniture (too many putting-it-together-myself nightmares!) my personal favorite web site for baby bedding and furniture is heaven’s gate home and garden. they have a nice assortment of serena & lily stuff:

~ m

For parents or parents to be either wal-mart or target, the important thing in choosing baby furnitures such as baby beddings or convertible cribs is to have a larger, with removable sides, so they can be converted into some combination of toddler bed, daybed or headboard and footboard for a full-sized bed. A good value choice, since crib beds have a longer life-span.


In today’s economy it is not easy to even run out to the stores we once viewed as typical and affordable. Since a lot of us redecorate often and people change motifs as often as clothes – It is even more economical to shop slightly used. You would be surprised. People move, yada yada… I bought a wonderful Convertable crib Brand New on!! I purchased the new convertable crib, that will grow with my baby into a full bed from grandparents who barely saw their grandchild due to geographics. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful modern style that was never used!!

cee El

just purchased the parker from mean ol’walmart.. yeah unions and their leadership are angels in wolves clothing.. they are so transparent and honest… promising pensions that put corporations out of business.. keep blaming the corporations.. onward state run everything! onward 60+% taxes and hopefully lines for state run handouts!

btw the baby loves the crib and mattress from the evil corp. who woulda guessed!

victims…victims were all victims!


You might want to check out http://www.Stuff4Multiples. They offer chic and affordable baby furniture.


I am so over people’s hate and disgust for Wal-Mart. When compared to other box stores, Wal-Mart’s wages are almost always higher. Sure they don’t offer full benefits for part time employees but MOST grocery adn box stores don’t. And I’ve heard the woeful stories about them putting mom and pop shops out of business but did you ever think of the MILLIONS of families who couldn’t afford the exorbitant prices of the mom and pop shops? Also, I worked at Wal-Mart for a brief time during college…I made more than ALL of my other friends in retail AND was offered a chance to train for a customer service manager position within months. In addition Wal-Mart (the largest US employer besides the government) allows families to save much needed money with its low prices and provides millions of jobs to Americans who need them (many of which would not be hired at more lucrative jobs in corporate America, etc). Seriously people should look at the facts before they judge. Ok, sorry for my nasty rampage. I am really not so nasty…I’m just so tired of everyone picking on Wal-Mart! I personally ♥ it!! Off my soabox now.

Nice blog and great post! My girlfriend has this set and loves it!

I liked very much the idea of converting a baby crib into a day bed. I think to have one.

Erin Cookmeyer

Can anyone tell me where I can find the bedding in this picture? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!