post-off: what's your favorite TV decor?


The movie decor post has taken on a life of its own. And it got me to thinking: what about the small screen?

Without a doubt the TV decor that had the most influence on me was Mary Richards’ original studio apartment in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. A grade school friend and I loved it so much, we used to draw layouts of how our sunken living rooms would be decorated as adults. (And some nutter online actually created a blueprint of Mary’s first place!)


I know it’s cliche, but another small-screen gem that had an influence on me was Monica’s apartment on Friends. Yes, yes, it was ridiculously oversized for New York. But once I laid eyes on her lavender living room, I was finally convinced to paint over the white already, landlord be damned! (I always liked her mismatched kitchen chairs, too.)


The Venture Brothers live in a pretty nifty building (yes, it’s a cartoon, but that’s just as real as anything else on this post). A living space big enough for several cars, a lab, assorted robots, and a plane hangar? The stuff dreams are made of.


And of course, no TV decor post could be complete without a reference to the grooviest pad of all, as documented at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. Those open stairs, the frosted glass between Mike and Carol’s bedroom and bathroom, the oven set into the wall; so California hip. (Incidentally, you can find blueprints of the Brady Bunch house online, too. Do you suppose Mike drew them?)

I could go on, but why should I have all the fun? Tell us about your favorites. – Mary T.

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Actually, I believe that blueprint of the Mary Tyler Moore apartment was created by an artist named Mark Bennett back in the mid 90s. He had an huge exhibit of blueprints of many sets from tv shows of the 60s and 70s. I saw it at the Corcoran in Washington, DC. I think he even published a book of the drawings.

Then again, there’s always the clothing in the Brady Bunch for another discussion topic.

Mama Chilanga

I loved Grace’s bedroom in Will and Grace. Remember the post-breakup depression episode in which she didn’t want to leave her bed for days? I could have lived in that room.


I don’t think I have ever loved a set as much as the Petries’ living room on the Dick Van Dyke Show.

On the Brady Bunch, I liked the front doors and the wallpaper panels behind Mike and Carol’s bed.

I liked Frasier’s fireplace.

I, too, dreamed of growing up and making my very own Mary Tyler Moore den, but I always thought Rhoda was so friggin hip!

I loved Mary’s apartment so much that when I was out on my own, I actually lived in an apartment in an old house! Loved Rhoda’s too. It just seemed so foreign to me – single women over 30 living alone. I didn’t know anyone like that growing up.

I also had a large letter on my wall like Mary did.

I have to say that I’ve been heavily influenced by Carrie’s apartment from Sex in the City. I just loved how she had everything so mix-matched and jumbled but yet it all fell together.


I was also influenced by the mix of furniture and accessories in Carrie’s apartment from SATC. That apartment made me want a round coffee table! I have always loved the deep green walls and cabinets in the kitchen in Will & Grace’s apartment. Jack’s apartment was also pretty fun, too.

Angela M.

I was always a fan of the Jefferson’s swank 70s high-rise — their couch was so gorgeous and just like one from williams sonoma home now — and the Odd Couple’s sunken living room. They both are what I always fantasized NYC apts to be like.

Mary T

Hey, check it out: You can take in-depth looks at all the SATC characters’ apartments here. I love this feature, but I wasn’t crazy about any of their apartments; wayyy too much white. Also, since when is an art gallery owner conservative? And where the hell was the ART in her apartment?

I agree with Starla — Carrie’s rent-controlled apartment in Sex and the City is one of my all time favorites. I love that the set designers used great vintage chairs with stacks of fashion magazines (of course!) as side tables…

I have to agree with the apartments on Sex and the City I liked Carrie’s and Miranda’s. I also liked Ross’s apartment in Friends as well as the apartments in Will and Grace. Maybe I just like New York television apartments.

Mary T

That must be apartment porn for New Yorkers! : ) If you have links to any images, let us know!


I really hate to admit this, however…I just saw some old reruns on tv of “who’s the boss” and gross as it is, that was a great house. So traditional but comfortable.

I love Lorelei’s house in the Gilmore Girls and Sookie’s with the glass shelves over the kitchen windows.

I also love the den in Will and Grace’s apartment – so cosy. Would like to do something similar in my 10 x 10 foot front room.

Wow – What a trip down memory lane. I had such a crush on Mary Tyler Moore, both as Laura Petrie and Mary Richards.

I really liked both of those living quarters. They were just so warm and comfy looking.

However, in reality, the house where I grew up (and most of my friend’s homes) looked more like the home of Dan and Roseanne Connor on the Roseanne show.


I am glad somebody mentioned the apartment of Will and Grace. It has always been a favorite of mine.

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In Sex and the City the Movie Carrie and Mr. Big buys a penthouse. The closet in the house is too small, so mr. Big builds a new really cool walk in closet. Does anyone have pictures of that?


You have made a mistake. 1164 Morning Glory Circle is the (fictional) address for Darrin’s and Samantha’s home in Bewitched.

The address for the Brady Bunch house is 422 Clinton Avenue (or Clinton Way)

I’m surprised that I’m the first on this 2 year old blog post, to notice this mistake.

Mary T

MJS, it was an easy mistake to make — the website with all that info is actually called 1164 Morning Glory Circle. Guess we aren’t as up on our 1960s and ’70s trivia these days!


Back in the ’70’s a show called “Family”. Beautiful Georgian house furnished with English Highboys, wallpaper, etc. Show was set in California. Didn’t think anybody lived that way there!
Who didn’t want to live in Mary Richards’ apartment?

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