five things we learned last week

Bright ideas we gathered from your comments.


1. is worth keeping an eye on. I Love Upstate pointed out that the company “tends to ‘try out’ new products on their website, if it does well sales-wise, it’ll start to show up in region-appropriate (read: higher income, metropolitan suburb) shops in a few months.”

See some amazingly cue baby furniture at Wal-Mart here

2. When your landlord gets in the way of your decorating sensibilities, try food bribes. Regarding Cori’s ugly paneled doorway, Lazy Smurf suggests “making a batch of cookies for the owners and see if you can talk them into taking that down.”

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3. To stop mozzerella from clumping in your pasta dishes, Malea offers a simple Cook’s Illustrated tip: “Refrigerate the chopped mozzarella before adding it to the bowl.”

See a yummy summer pasta recipe here.

4. If you’re into TV-sets, Stephy says to check out artist Mark Bennett. “He had an huge exhibit of blueprints of many sets from tv shows of the 60s and 70s. I saw it at the Corcoran in Washington, DC. I think he even published a book of the drawings.”

See more about TV set decor — and tell us your favorite — here.

5. And for these last few hot weeks of summer, try a Mexican frozen treat. Mamacita suggests Helados Mexico. I am partial to the Rum Raisin, myself.”

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