ingenius invention: bunk-sofa bed


As you know, I’ve been on the quest for an affordable sleeper sofa bed. Yesterday, reader Diane emailed us about this clever sofa bed, that converts into twin bunk beds! It’s from a British site called BonBon Trading. I’m not sure the price, or if they ship to the U.S., but I thought you’d get a kick out of it. Would be great for families with kids… think how easy all those sleep-overs would be! Thanks, Diane! — Angela M.

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hmmm, chic if you’re going for the trendy prison look. LOL

Iloveupstate has a point it is a bit prison looking but I haven’t seen too many fashionable bunk beds.

Very smart! I like!


I finally found the price, almost 7000 bucks. blech.


i love this bed where can i buy it here in usa?

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Would look nicer if it used wood instead of metal… for $7000 that should not be a problem!
Maybe somebody can reverse-engineer a similar design.

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