our river cottage: weekend one


Chad and I spent our first weekend in our new, old cottage by the river. It was delightful. We have nothing in there but a couple of folding chairs and an air mattress, but that suits us just fine for now. This photo is taken from the air mattress’s point of view in the bedroom. The bedroom is small, but has amazing light. The most incredible thing was shutting off the lights at night time. Even though we have no curtains on any of the windows, the inside of the house was pitch black! It made us realize how bright our NYC apartment is, what with all those street lights down below. And the cricket noise was insanely loud! I had forgotten what that is like. We didn’t do much to settle in, expect give everything a good scrub on the inside, and tackle the overgrowth on the outside. Chad took on the out-of-control vine that had all but consumed the brick fireplace. Though the battle was tough and long, he eventually triumphed! Next weekend — paint shopping and the “real” bed arrives. — Angela M.

From our partners

I can’t wait to see more photos – Looking forward to watching the progress. As soon as I get a new camera, I’m going to do a bunch of posts of before and after’s of our rowhouse — stay tuned. …I love this stuff.

Ditto on the progress. The light in the bedroom looks fantastic – it must be a really happy place to wake up.

This looks marvelous. When I landed in the catskills I could never go back. I miss the big farmhouse, but not the upkeep. Do you know what furniture you’re going to fill it with?

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