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megan k.

Love this. I’ve fantasized about a secret library door since I was a kid. Didn’t the game Clue have one?

Whee! I was actually lucky enough to grow up in a house with a hidden bookcase door! Our fairly unremarkable late-70s house had this storage room (kind of dank, the above-ground Oregon equivalent of a basement) that I think was meant to be a wine cellar. It was off the family room, which had a wall lined in chunky bookcases, and the bookcase all the way to the right was actually the door in The Secret Room. (Yes, that’s what we called it. As in, “Go get the Monopoly board out of the Secret Room,” or “I don’t want to go in the Secret Room, I saw a newt in there last week.”) Apparently the rocket scientists who lived in the house before us lived there FOUR YEARS without knowing it was there, and then when an architect came to talk renovations with them he was all “Hey, what do you do with the room off of the family room?” and they said “What room,” and he said “You know, behind the bookcase with the huge hinge on it?”


(Wow, long story, I’m sorry!)


Why did they cover a window though?


That is so COOL!!!!!!

I have a bedroom in my house that is technically not a room because it empties out into another room and not a hallway…hey, the house was built in 1839 before zoning/construction/paranoi set in. Anyway, the doorway leading to that room (from the other room…) would be a perfect spot for a secret room/bookshelf. My “to do” list is a mile or so long so I think this will (sadly) never happen at my house!


I’ve wanted for quite some time to make a secret bookshelf door to my walk-in closet in my bedroom.

I could really use a bookshelf, and the place where the closet door is would be the perfect spot.


Mary T

Isaspacey: To facilitate emergency exits when the Arch Enemy arrives?

DJ: Build it! Please!

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