leah's ebay find: donut phone


Seventies-era Western Electric Sculptura telephones (aka “Donut” phones) are popping up all over the place lately: In the new CB2 catalog… In actress Ione Skye’s David Netto-designed bedroom, featured in Domino… In the latest Trendy Objects Drinking Game on Hatch … and, of course, on eBay. The model pictured at top, in cheery of-the-moment yellow, is in good working order and has a handy touch-tone pad. (Rotary dialing, after all, is just so onerous.) Current bid: $24.50. Hurry — the auction ends Monday night. Click here to go its eBay page. — Leah H.

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We switched back to these types of old phones about a year ago. We were getting so much interference on our cordless phones and the newer corded phones weren’t drawing enough power from the lines. I love having them back. They actually have a REAL bell in them and are so loud, I can hear them 3 rooms away.

I actually got a gorgeous black one of these at target about 5 years ago for 19$


I got one of these at a thrift store a few years ago (in white.) Sadly, we can’t dial out but we haven’t investigated the cause of that problem so it may be fixable. iloveupstate is right about how loud the ringer is. I have no problem hearing my phones in my house since we have two older phones in our house. (I don’t know what I’ll do when my avocado wall phone’s cord goes out. It’s impossible to replace!)