help! how do i regrout my tiles?

Does anyone know how to color grout in-between cermaic tile .. I have white grout now and it got dirty was wondering if have to scrape out old grout to redo it or just put down newer grout over the old grout. Thank You! — Judy


Thanks for your question, Judy. Yes, the common thought is you should scrape out the old grout before you put down the new stuff. It’s a pain, but not as hard as it sounds. Check out this how-to over at This Old House. They say the job can be done with a simple, pointy-tip bottle opener. Over at e-How, their advice is similar. It is best to match the new grout color with the old, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t get rid of the old yucky stuff first.

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if the grout itself is fine and it’s just the color you dislike, you might want to look into staining it. my mom tried doing it recently and had really good luck with it (and the tile was almost 10 years old). any tile place should be able to help you out.

We actually re-grouted two bathrooms without digging out the old stuff. We just bleached it all very thoroughly and brushed out any loose grout first. Also, we dug out all the old caulk and recaulked afterward. That, in fact, was tougher than the regrouting.

It’s all pretty messy and time-consuming work, but a lot less expensive than hiring someone else to do it. Now, the bathrooms look brand new!


The least messy and inexpensive method to turn your grout white is with oxygen bleach. I used to intern for Tim Carter, and he has a very powerful product that’s guaranteed to take the stain out of grout. Check it out here:

If that doesn’t work, and you really do need to regrout, I found a grouting guide video on that might help you:

Home Depot has a private label cleaner in a silver bottle that will make your grout white again. I can’t remeber the name…check the cleaning aisle. The bathroom at our NYC apartment looked like a crime scene before we used this stuff.


What about re-grouting marble tiles?….do the rules change? Thx.


if you clean your grout, or bleach it, or actuially replace it…be sure to then seal it afterwards. Many contractors do not bother, but if it is sealed properly, it will be much easier to keep clean