five things we learned last week

Bright ideas we gathered from your comments.


1. Fall is the best time to plant your spring bulbs. Alison advises: “Wait a month and then plant bulbs–daffodils are a good idea, because animals won’t eat them. I’ve heard that planting them mixed with (or circled around) other things like tulips that will get eaten can deter the bulb thieves.” See more about fall gardening here.

2. Though you loved the results of Shawn’s chair makeover, many of you preferred it white. Ellobie in Chicago says: “The Before would fit in with my style much better, even without touching up the paint (though I probably would recover the cushion if only to remove the fraying edge hanging down).” See the before and after photos here.

3. The decor in The Nanny Diaries has us re-examining the purpose of Steiff bears. Ellie wrote: “Now I think I loved my Steiffs because they were always admired by adults and certainly NOT because they were cute and cuddly. Mr. Growling Bear is now silent and has bare spots despite the rock hard head, annoying metal button and itchy as hell mohair. While perhaps my cousin’s disregard for the opinion of others has left her growler as the only untouched animal of her youth. Hmm…amazing how movies and decor can inform your life.” See Thelma Adams’ Don’t Miss Movie Decor post here.

4. If you don’t want to replace your old, stained tile grout, consider bleaching it. Caren offers this tip: “The least messy and inexpensive method to turn your grout white is with oxygen bleach. I used to intern for Tim Carter, and he has a very powerful product that’s guaranteed to take the stain out of grout. Check it out here.” See more grouting advice here.

5. Overall, you think homemaking courses are a good idea — as long as they are offered to both sexes. As Meesha says: “I agree with others who say that this type of class ought to be taught to both genders in high school. And I have to say I’m grateful for my public middle school, which (despite being located in Texas and thus heavily populated by Baptists with conservative ‘family values’) required all students to take one semester of shop and one semester of home ec.” Weigh in on this hot topic here.

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