missoni's $1000 bean bags


Everytime we spy some of Missoni’s home line we start imagining our plush Italian villas decked out in their richest of textiles. At the very least, perhaps a little patch of sand we can claim our own with one of their amazing beach towels? But the design line’s new collection at Auto gave us pause. Some of their bean bags — yes, bean bags — are over $1000. For that price, we hope there’s a hidden magical bean in the bunch we can save for a rainy day with Jack. Don’t get us wrong, we are sure they are beyond lovely, but that price seems crazy for something without structure. What do you think?

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That’s not crazy, that’s ludicrous.

Hey– I thought this was so great. Put it up at MOLI.com as part of our content partnership sharing thing. Thanks. Jana

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