how to shop nyc without leaving your home


Even though many of us live in NYC, that doesn’t mean we get to go out scouting the city’s home decor stores as we’d like to. They’re just too far flung, and honestly, we work too much. More and more of our shopping happens electrically from our desks, which is why we couldn’t be happier about a new feature at called Shop-a-Matic. This new section of their claims to ‘window-shop so you don’t have to’… and all we can say is bless their digital-camera-armed staff! They have hit an amazing array of local stores, from Ikea in Paramas, NJ to the swank Karkula in the West Village, and loaded up jpgs of all the offerings, arranged by objects and price. Among the goodies currently up for grabs: this delicate lamp, $175, at Portemeau in Williamsburg. These groovy yellow chairs, $689, at A&G Merch (also W’burg) and this autumnal pillow by Thomas Paul at Lancelotti Housewares in the East Village. We’re not sure what other kinds of stores Shop-a-Matic will be covering, but we’re awfully glad they decided to start with home furnishings! Happy browsing.

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